Chapter 13 - My Otherworld Can't Possibly Be So Advanced!
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 13 - My Otherworld Can't Possibly Be So Advanced!

Although Alice had transmigrated to another world, the level of technology and the speed of information dissemination in this world was no different from that of Earth. Hence, the minor incident that took place in the church quickly became known by all.

It all began with a passerby capturing the holy light radiating out of one of the church's second-floor windows. Afterward, the photos taken were uploaded onto the internet of this world and shared with a broad audience. Subsequently, someone deduced the church in the image to be the Gryffin Church based on the clues shown. Then, other people quickly discovered that the Hero's Sword inserted in the metal platform outside the church had disappeared. After linking these clues together, the netizens of this world came to the conclusion that...

The Hero had appeared!

In less than a day, practically the entire world had found out about this matter. Apart from the Gryffin Kingdom, even the people from other kingdoms had found out about this matter. Hence, on the second day after Alice arrived at the Gryffin Church and after she had learned how to use this world's version of the computer, the first thing she saw after browsing the internet for this world's news was the headline of "The Hero has Appeared."

Initially, Alice didn't think that this headline was talking about herself. After all, the fact that she had become this world's Hero still hadn't settled in her mind. In addition, she lacked understanding regarding the information dissemination speed of this world. Hence, she was immediately dumbfounded when she clicked into the news article.

Based on the fact that holy light had leaked out from the church's second floor and the fact that the Hero's Sword was missing, it wasn't hard to deduce that the Hero currently resided in the Gryffin Church's second floor. This also explained why Alice had heard a lot of commotion from the church's first floor when she woke up early in the morning. The commotion was probably a result of the people here to catch a glimpse of the Hero.

Fortunately, Alice had not gone downstairs yet today since Father Kasandora had personally delivered her breakfast and a bunch of daily necessities. Looking back at it now, the head priest must've known that she wouldn't want to be disturbed by the crowd downstairs.

It's over… I've been under the misconception that this world is similar to the otherworlds mentioned in isekai novels. Looking at things now, I'll have to change that immediately.

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