Chapter 14 - Is it Time to Name the Milu Rabbit?
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 14 - Is it Time to Name the Milu Rabbit?

Never had Alice expected that she would get transported to another world and be forcibly recognized as the world's Hero. What was even more unexpected was that her first activity after becoming the Hero would be...making a post on social media. Fortunately, LINK's features were similar to that of Weibo's, so Alice didn't have much trouble maneuvering around the social media platform.

Also, thanks to Father Kasandora's report and the surveillance footage of Alice drawing the Hero's Sword, Alice only had to wait a few hours for the Gryffin Kingdom to verify her LINK account as the Hero's LINK account. When Alice saw the "V" character appearing beside her account name, she couldn't help but suspect that she wasn't living in another world at all. After all, the sense of déjà vu was immense. She even suspected that this world might be housing other transmigrators from Earth and that these transmigrators had brought some of Earth's technology to this world.

However, when Alice asked Zauna about the Heroes of past generations, she found out that every one of them have had their life story recorded from a young age. They were different from her, someone who had suddenly appeared out of thin air in the Gryffin Forest. Hence, Alice could only assume that some of these past Heroes were transmigrators who only had their souls transported.

"Although you say you've lost your memory, you seem quite familiar with using LINK."

Because the church's first floor was still crowded with people seeking to gain information on the Hero, Alice and Zauna could only stay on the second floor and play with their phones. Then, when Zauna saw the first post Alice made on Link, she raised an eyebrow and said, "A tiger's back, a bear's waist, a beautiful face, and beautiful eyes... Why is your self-introduction so weird? I know you want to prevent people from associating you with the Hero, but does such a person even exist?"

"That's the point. I'm trying to create an image that's almost impossible to find. Doing so will make it convenient for me to hide my whereabouts," Alice said, curling her lips.

The first LINK post Alice made was a self-introduction. In the post, she described herself as a man with strong muscles and a pretty and delicate face. Although the description sounded strange, this made it even more unlikely for people to associate the Hero with Alice.

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