Book 01 Chapter 06.15 - Whale Song
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Utilizing the convenience provided by wind string magic, Xing Mo deftly navigated the factory's pipes, avoiding overseers holding cleavers.

Intermittent narwhal cries echoed from a distance, making Xing Mo's face tingle, as if electric arcs were about to burst forth at any moment.

The factory was filled with the shouts of overseers and the wails of workers. The chaotic noises intertwined with the thunderstorm outside, making Xing Mo feel utterly uncomfortable.

She wanted to do something, but felt helpless.

In truth, if the goal was simply to get the Sir arrested, Xing Mo could just write a letter to Senior Alice. Under the premise of conclusive evidence, the Bell Protectors could lock down the factory within ten minutes.

But Xing Mo didn't see this as a long-term solution. If Sir Derek Larson was removed, another would take his place.

Simply taking him down without dealing with the source, that wouldn't change the fate of the workers. They would just be enslaved by someone else.

As she traveled amid the bronze pipes, Aurora's words reverberated in Xing Mo's mind: "You see, for those who live in the shadows, a little bit of sunshine is a great blessing."

In any case, she first needed to ensure their freedom. Everything else could come later.

With this in mind, Xing Mo moved quickly through the steam-filled factory. She soon arrived at the spiral staircase beside the main factory space.

She didn't rush up the stairs, but drew her wand and played three strings of the shadows.

Dark ripples spread through the air and gathered in her palm, condensing into a silk-like veil.

Xing Mo draped the black veil over her head, feeling the flowing darkness caress her body, and her vision dimmed significantly.

The three string magic, Veil, granted the string player an affinity with the shadows. It allowed Xing Mo to merge with the shadows to a certain extent.

Enveloped by the veil, Xing Mo jumped onto the shadow of a wall, and her feet sank into the shadow, aligning herself parallel to the ground.

Subsequently, Xing M

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