Book 01 Chapter 06.16 - Whale Song
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In a corner of the factory, Bianca took a deep breath and straightened her clothes, then walked toward the assembly line, pretending as if nothing had happened.

Her coworkers, noticing her return, secretly gathered around her, whispering with concern: "Bianca, are you okay? I... I saw the overseer take you away. I thought you..."

Bianca glanced around nervously before whispering back: "I'm fine. Someone saved me."

She lifted her hair a little, showing her nape to her coworkers: there was still a circular mark, but the clock device that controlled her life had been removed.

Under the gazes of astonishment of her coworkers, Bianca murmured: "We need to gather our companions. Today, someone will save us."


In Sir Derek Larson's office, Xing Mo found a hidden compartment below the desk and retrieved a pile of documents.

At this time, her intuition suddenly alerted her that something was off.

"Hmm?" Xing Mo understood unconsciously what was wrong: she had been detected by a security system.

Of course, besides magic, Sir Derek Larson had other measures in place to protect his office.

Xing Mo shook her head, lamenting her lack of stealth.

But, it didn't matter. After all, she already obtained the documents she wanted. This was where she took center stage.

She looked at the stack of papers in her hands: the top one was sealed in a document folder, labeled "Mind Binder."

She opened the folder and quickly read through the document inside.

"Mind Binder, an implantation device, currently in the experimental stage."

"By using a high-pressure gas syringe on the nape, purified Anti-Life Element can be injected into the spine, thereby influencing the life form's behavior."

"Animal experiments have shown that this device can be used to perfectly guide the host's behavior."

"At present, large Mind Binders are used to contain and control Storm Narwhals, while smaller devices are being tested on humans, and..."

Xing Mo couldn't read any further and closed the document.

This was treating people like livestock.

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