Book 01 Chapter 02.04 - Little Trick
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The Defeated Saintess Is On A Journey To Tame The Evil God Book 01 Chapter 02.04 - Little Trick

Upon seeing the small pool, Xing Mo bent down and whispered in Aurora's ear: "How are you going to do it?"

"I just need to touch it for a few minutes." Aurora said in a low voice.

Xing Mo looked around and saw that there were hardly any people in the cathedral. Most of the people had already finished the spring baptism and were sitting on benches, hands clasped together, praying underneath the colorful dome.

"That shouldn't be a problem. I'll go wash first, and then provide you with cover." After she finished speaking, Xing Mo led Aurora toward the Starsea Spring, all the while observing the surroundings.

The people sitting on both sides of the aisle didn't pay them attention, only focusing on praying.

The nuns were busy tidying up the cathedral. The Church of the Starsea was the largest Church in the entire Citadel. Practically no one dared to cause them trouble. As a result, the nuns weren't particularly vigilant.

Xing Mo was aware of this. After all, she was a Bell Protector.

The nuns could have expected that a Bell Protector would lead a white-haired Evil God into their cathedral.

Blasphemy! What blasphemy! As she denounced herself in her heart, Xing Mo half knelt in front of the Starsea Spring and shoved her hands into the water.

"Great mother, wash my sins away and clear my confusion." She prayed in a quiet voice, then raised her hands and poured some water on her face.

A cool feeling diffused, and something merged into the water and disappeared.

At the same time, contrary to her outer calmness, Xing Mo prayed desperately in her heart: Goddess, watch over me. Goddess, watch over me. Goddess, watch over me. Goddess, watch over me. Goddess, watch over me. Goddess, watch over me...

About three minutes later, Xing Mo retreated from the edge of the spring and gestured for Aurora to come forward: "It's your turn, Sister."

Aurora -- an expressionless look on her face -- walked over and soaked her hands in the water, and strands of green light seeped into the water like thin serpents.

The blood-red eyes

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