Book 01 Chapter 02.03 - Little Trick
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The Defeated Saintess Is On A Journey To Tame The Evil God Book 01 Chapter 02.03 - Little Trick

After leaving the tailor shop, the Northern District's sunlight greeted them, and the wet cobblestone road shimmered with broken golden light, reflecting the pedestrians.

The early morning in the Northern District was noisy and lively, with workers rushing to factories in the Docklands and salaried people taking steam railway to the White Tower District and the Southern District and those who were more well off hiring a carriage for themself.

In such a morning, Xing Mo led Aurora, wearing brand-new uniforms, to a commercial street near Saint Auroth Cathedral.

The two sat on high chairs at an iced tea shop's entrance. Xing Mo ordered two sweet iced teas and two meat pies. This was her favorite breakfast pairing -- especially the cold sweet iced tea, which she loved to drink even in winter.

Fortunately she had some savings at home... Otherwise, she wouldn't have been able to afford breakfast...

Xing Mo sighed and looked at Aurora, only to find the little white-haired girl dressed in new clothes staring at the nearby cathedral, lost in thought.

"You did that on purpose, didn't you?" Xing Mo asked.

"Whatever do you mean? I don't understand~" Aurora was absent-minded.

Xing Mo sighed: "People in the Northern District don't have easy lives. Since the start of the Steam Revolution, many factories have opened along the coast. The people's living conditions have been on the decline. I used to know that aunty. She has three children studying at the academy, which is quite expensive. We shouldn't be taking advantage of her."

"Wrong~ I saw that you were short on money, so I acted cute for the auntie." Aurora held her face in her hands.

Xing Mo was taken aback for a moment. How come this lass is so mannered all sudden? Shouldn't she be a bit more obstinate?

Shouldn't she be saying something along the lines: "I'm an Evil God! Is there anything wrong with an Evil God deceiving people?"

As Xing Mo was lost in thought, Aurora turned her head and gave her a brilliant smile: "Therefore, Young Saintess, you need to earn som

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