Chapter 3: Dreamland
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 3: Dreamland

Regarding Constance, if Rayne had to describe her in a single sentence, she would probably be this:

When asked to change positions during sex, she was the type of person who would just push up her glasses and answer with a straight face, "Yes, I understand."

Even among the inhumane Imperial Guards, she was also famous for her coldness and rigor.

Extremely obedient and capable of execution, she could be considered as a heroine among the tools.

However, no matter how useful Constance was, she was still just a single person.

After a thousand deaths, Rayne finally recognized the current situation. If it was just him and Constance, there should be no hope of clearing the game.

If he wanted a better outcome, he had to obtain more powerful chess pieces.

With no other choice, Rayne could only attempt to work with the Imperial Guards once more.

Yet, coercion and bribery were useless against the Imperial Guards. However, Rayne now had another idea.

Perhaps, this was the answer for the Imperial Guards to pledge their fealty to the Emperor.

Before long, Rayne and Constance arrived at the most famous gold squandering cave in the capital.


This was a majestic palace that was grand and extravagant. Just by passing by, one could smell a mesmerizing fragrance coming from within.

The wealth amassed from rich merchants all over the world over the years made this degenerate love nest even more spectacular. In fact, it could even compete with the imperial palace next door.

In the fountain at the front square of the palace stood a statue of a succubus with an enchanting figure.

Although she was made of tough rocks, she was sculpted in a life-like manner like a young girl's skin and her vertical pupils were filled with emotions, as though she could speak.

This dragon succubus that symbolized evil and depravity was looking at the imperial palace on the other end with a smile, seemingly provocative and seductive.

The name of the sculpture was Olivia and it was named after the evil god of the Nether Realm who was

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