Chapter 2: Thea Constance
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 2: Thea Constance

Thea Constance.

She was one of the seven Imperial Guards of the Empire and was also the Imperial Guard that Rayne trusted the most in the past.

The maidservant headed towards the Church with Rayne's orders.

What Rayne had to do next was to wait patiently.

According to the rules of the Haines Empireā€¦

The Imperial Guards would only be on call to the Emperor.

They possessed extremely high autonomy. Even if the princes wanted to meet the Imperial Guards, it would depend on their mood at that time.

Given Constance's character, she would not reject Rayne's invitation.

However, that would have to wait till she was done with her work.

While waiting for her, Rayne could think about how he should fight in this generation.

With the downfall of the System, Rayne no longer had the chance to delete the game and restart it.

His final chance dangled right before him.

After a thousand rebirths, Rayne already had a detailed countermeasure for every enemy and difficulty he would encounter in the future.

However, what Rayne could not defeat up till now were his seven Imperial Guards.

The Imperial Guards were the foundation of the Haines Empire and were the strongest individuals of this continent.

In this era, apart from the extremely special ancient mythical species, the only one who could stop a demigod on the battlefield was another demigod.

The bloodline of the gods had never stopped flowing in this continent. Apart from the Haines Empire, other countries would occasionally be lucky enough to recruit one or two demigods.

However, the quality of these wild demigods was naturally incomparable to the demigods that were officially nurtured in the Haines Empire.

Therefore, this also created an unshakable absolute military advantage for the Haines Empire.

Only, an invincible war machine had its own drawbacks.

Due to the success of the awakening ritual of the Orthodoxy Church, the purity of the bloodline of the demigods increased generation after generation. In fact, there were even super monsters with a goddess compos

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