Chapter 1: I'm Dead, It's All Your Fault!
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 1: I'm Dead, It's All Your Fault!

It was as though he was jolted awake from a nightmare.

Rayne's eyes snapped open.

He looked around—this was his bedroom.

He came before the mirror and in it was a handsome young man from an aristocratic family.

19 years old.

Rayne had revived again.

After experiencing death once more, he was sent back to the beginning of the story.

He was Rayne Haines.

He had many titles in this country.

The Number One Successor of the Haines Empire; The Pillar of the Empire in the Future; The Exemplary Youth of Literature and Strength; Why Can't He Just Stop Hooking Up With the Wives of Others; Of Course, He Doesn’t Even Let Young Ladies Off; The Good Prince, Just That He’s a Little Rotten...

At the same time, he was also a transmigrator from a certain blue planet.

As a transmigrator, Rayne originally had a real name. However, after experiencing so many life and death reincarnations, he had already forgotten those insignificant things.

At that moment, Rayne looked at the handsome man in the mirror in a daze.

"Another failure…"

After transmigrating to this world, the mission given to him by the System was to save the world.

In order to accomplish that goal, Rayne had already died a thousand times.

However, what made Rayne furious was that half of the thousand deaths… no, at least 800…

It was all because of his inner circle's backstabbing!!

Rayne was not surrounded by deranged snitches.

That was because all the Emperor backstabbing cases were focused on seven criminals.

They were the seven Imperial Guards, the half-blooded goddesses painstakingly groomed by the Empire's orthodoxy and the ultimate experts who represented the ceiling of the human world.

On average, almost every Imperial Guard had killed this future Emperor more than a hundred times.

Rayne felt as though he had been repeating the same joke of history for the past thousand lifetimes... the Praetorian Guards1.

The process of Rayne saving the world was also the process of him exploring the bottom line of these Imperial Guard ladies.

When he first a

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Translator Notes

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I'll finally be starting on a new project and that's none other than SFTM. I think the premise is rather interesting with the MC put in a precarious relationship with these Imperial Guards of his :>
I'm glad to be here to be able to share SFTM with you guys, hope you enjoy it as much as I did translating it! 

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