Chapter 4: Tragedy of the Succubi
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 4: Tragedy of the Succubi


This renowned den of vice in the Haines Empire contained a huge secret.

In reality.

This brothel was controlled by a group of fiends from the Nether Realm. They served the Dragon of Lust, Olivia and were commonly known as succubi.

According to the orders of that Monarch of the Nether Realm, they disguised themselves as humans and opened brothels in the capitals of various countries. Thereafter, they lured the local dignitaries into depravity and eventually achieved their goal of controlling the country.

Using such methods, the glory of Olivia had already taken root in many countries of this continent.

However, their operation was a failure in the Haines Empire!

They managed to transform the brothel into an iconic structure of the capital and a famous attraction of the Haines Empire.


In reality, these pitiful succubi were far from as glorious as they looked.

At that moment, a group of succubi were in a meeting at the backstage of Dreamland.

As the leader, the Dragon Succubus slapped the blackboard in grief.

"You bunch of trash!"

"Look at your performance yesterday!"

The Dragon Succubus pointed to a long string of numbers on the blackboard.

"The turnover is 86,000,000 gold pieces!"

This was a huge sum of money!

Simply put, that amount of gold was enough to buy a small country or even launch a coup to topple a medium-sized country!

However, the succubi were not happy at all about the generous turnover!

All of them lowered their heads dejectedly and listened to their leader's lecture.

"There are 36 people who have converted to the Dragon of Lust!"

"What about the important dignitaries of the Empire?"


"Z. E. R. O!"

The Dragon Succubus leader was about to cry as she slammed the blackboard wildly. "What sort of a lousy place is this?!"

"We've worked hard here for 30 years!"

"Yet, we didn't even manage to corrupt a single official of the Empire!"


The succubi below the stage wiped their tears in grief.

They could empathize with the Dragon Succubus who led t

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