Chapter 150.3: Moonlight Queen Contaminated by the Evil Dragon (3)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 150.3: Moonlight Queen Contaminated by the Evil Dragon (3)

Rayne asked carefully, "Are you unwilling?"

"No, you're super duper welcome~"

Olivia's voice was filled with joy.

She doted on Rayne very much and never rejected his requests.

Not to mention, Rayne's requests were always for her to have fun. In fact, she had to thank him for them.

Olivia said, "Now, Rayne… as you wish."

The door to the Nether Realm in Rayne's eyes suddenly opened.

From that narrow hole, the cold and majestic vertical pupils of the Ancient Dragon Princess appeared.

Olivia sat leisurely on the throne of thorns. The black scales of the ancient dragon behind her shone with a dazzling light and the divinity of the evil dragon was compressed layer by layer. It turned into a fine stream of light that passed through the door of the Nether Realm and arrived in the mortal world before entering the crown that was taking shape.

Instantly, the divinity contained in the mithril crown erupted with a bang and illuminated the entire Moonlight Queen's study with a dazzling light that was several times stronger than before!

Olivia had invested a huge amount of fuel into the crown.

The exquisite mithril crown was contaminated and a pitch-black and dark aura roared like a tsunami. It surged violently in the magic formation and was difficult to digest for the time being.

Rayne's lips cramped up.

"Your Highness Olivia, you've given too much."

"Fufu, you didn't tell me how much effort to put in."

Olivia revealed a flirtatious smile after her deliberate act of playing dirty. "This child will probably feel extremely uncomfortable the entire today after wearing this crown. Do be nice and help her quell the flames of desire ^_^"

"Sigh… I still have something important to do today."

Rayne sighed.

There was no other way since there was only one set of materials.

Even though it was sabotaged, he could only make do with it.

The forging continued.

The skeleton, alchemy gem and divinity that were required to form a Moonlight Queen's crown had already fused into one.

Next was the complicated and long process of

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