Chapter 971 - Advent of Firmament
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"Guild Leader, don't mess around!" Blackie panicked at Shi Feng's words. "That's Evil Sky City we're talking about!"

Since the war among the three races began, everyone in the Eternal Realm had come to truly understand the might of royal powers. More specifically, anyone who failed to understand this wouldn't be able to survive out in the fields.

As mighty as the human race's various apex powers were, even they could only rely on their resurrection camps to resist Evil Nature's harassment in the World Ark. None dared to take the fight to Evil Sky City, Evil Nature's base of operations in the World Ark.

Although Blackie believed in Shi Feng's strength, it'd be suicidal for Shi Feng to confront Evil Nature now. The two were on completely different levels.

"I know what I'm doing. Just gather the players I need," Shi Feng said. He understood Blackie's concerns, but he didn't bother to explain himself. "Also, have them sign a confidentiality agreement regarding the entire operation."

The Inferior Legendary Siege Weapon Firmament!

This was, without a doubt, Zero Wing's ultimate trump card. It should never be used unless absolutely necessary. Its first deployment should be used to deal as much damage to the enemy as possible. Otherwise, once the surprise factor was lost, the enemy would be on guard against it and likely flee as soon as they learned of its deployment. After all, the enemy would have to be stupid to face an Inferior Legendary Siege Weapon head-on.

Originally, Shi Feng had intended to reveal Firmament's existence at a critical moment during the war to deal a devastating blow to Evil Nature. However, now that the Ominous Cavalry had spat on his face, he'd have reincarnated twice for nothing if he still chose to hold his nose.

World Ark, Evil Sky City:

Despite being a newly built city, Evil Sky City had already developed from a Basic City into an Advanced City under Evil Nature's management. Its size rivaled that of medium-sized NPC Cities in the Eternal Realm, and its population of Holy Race players exceede

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