Chapter 970 - Drawing the Sword
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A day later…

Did I make a mistake in the solidification process? But I engraved the nine divine patterns perfectly, so why can't I solidify them? Shi Feng couldn't help but hesitate as he watched the scroll in his hands turn to ash. Should I make another learning attempt?

The cost of learning the Book of Eternity's Legacies increased with the rank of the divine engravings he chose. Starting from the bottom, learning a Basic Divine Engraving cost only five God Crystals. However, it cost 50 God Crystals to learn an Intermediate Divine Engraving and 500 God Crystals to learn an Advanced Divine Engraving. For the sake of learning the Advanced Divine Enhancement Engraving, he had spent 500 Eternal God Crystals.

Eternal God Crystals were much more precious than ordinary God Crystals. They also had many more uses than ordinary God Crystals. If not for Zero Wing lacking ordinary God Crystals, he would never have used Eternal God Crystals as a replacement. After all, Zero Wing's stockpile of Eternal God Crystals had already fallen below 10,000, and he had no way of replenishing it. Unlike ordinary God Crystals, Eternal God Crystals could not be obtained from ruins and Taboo Dungeons. It was also unlikely he would come across a treasure trove like the Nameless City's treasury.

Just one more time. If I still can't find the reason, I will give up and try again when my Concentration is stronger or my control over mana has improved.

After thinking it over, Shi Feng bit the bullet and spent another 500 Eternal God Crystals to learn the Advanced Divine Enhancement Engraving. However, he swore this would be his last attempt at learning it.

Although Zero Wing could use some Advanced Divine Enhancement Scrolls in its current situation, they weren't a necessity, merely icing on the cake.

Legendary Equipment might be much more readily available than Fragmented Divine Artifacts, but the rarity of Taboo Legendary Equipment was no less than that of Fragmented Divine Artifacts. In the case of Level 240 Taboo Legendary Equipment, its availa

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