Chapter 915 - Because I Am Stronger
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 915 - Because I Am Stronger

"Did I mishear?"

"Heavens! Does she want to fall out with Angel's Retribution?!"

"Madness! This is madness! Who is that guy?! How can he get Miss Frey to go to such lengths for him?!"

Everyone present was a member of a major power, so they knew that nobody would casually offend a pseudo-apex power, much less do so for an outsider. Such behavior was extremely irrational in God's Domain.

It should be known that Crocodile Fang represented Angel's Retribution. Frey driving him out of Desolate Star City was tantamount to slapping Angel's Retribution in the face. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say she was making an enemy of Angel's Retribution.

"Guild Leader Black Flame, what is your relationship with Miss Frey?" Drifting Bean asked, staring at Shi Feng in astonishment. "Why is she willing to help you to such an extent?"

Xia Qingying and Endless Scars also looked at Shi Feng, finding it incredible that a big shot like Frey would thoroughly offend Angel's Retribution for the Guild Leader of a small Guild. If Shi Feng were to say that nothing was going on between him and Frey, nobody would believe him.

"Miss Frey?" Crocodile Fang was stupefied, his eyes filled with confusion as he looked at Frey.

Although Crocodile Fang knew that Frey shared close ties with Shi Feng, he had thought that Frey would, at worst, give him a harsh admonishment. Hence, he dared to say what he did to Drifting Bean. It was to remind Frey not to offend Angel's Retribution for the sake of a guest.

Crocodile Fang had never expected Frey to be willing to thoroughly offend Angel's Retribution for Shi Feng. This was insanity.

"Take them away! I don't want to see them in Desolate Star City in the future!" Frey ordered Shuoyun, not bothering to even glance at Crocodile Fang.

"This..." Shuoyun was also confused by this situation, and she couldn't help but turn to Lunar River.

Frey might be one of Desolate Star City's highest authorities, but even King's Paradise would have to properly consider whether it wanted to provoke a power like Angel's Retribution

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