Chapter 893 - Hephaestus's Flame
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Flame Dragon God's Treasury, Central Plaza:

While the players trapped in the magic barriers fell into a panic, Red Frost quickly found Shi Feng sitting in a corner, redeeming items, and tried to persuade him to transfer his possessions to her for safekeeping.

"Guild Leader Black Flame, we're running out of time," Red Frost said, slightly exasperated by Shi Feng, who refused to go along with her arrangement. "The old commander won't be able to buy us much time. Because of our partnership, Ember Dragon is bound to come after you. But as I am Holy Dragon Spear's future representative, nobody will dare confiscate my possessions unless they wish to start an all-out war with Holy Dragon Spear. Red-Tailed Dragon won't sit by and watch, either. So, your safest option now is to transfer your most valuable possessions to me for safekeeping."

"Commander Frost, I understand what you mean," Shi Feng said, a little moved by Red Frost's concern for him. After all, very few people would be willing to bear the pressure of multiple pseudo-apex powers to help someone. However, he still refused Red Frost's goodwill, explaining, "But I'm afraid there is no negotiating this matter. I really cannot take out the items in my bag. Otherwise, I will be plagued with endless troubles."

"I understand your concerns. Who in God's Domain doesn't have some secrets?" Red Frost rolled her eyes at Shi Feng, feeling that he was making a mountain out of a molehill.

She had seen many treasures before as the former number-one chosen one of Holy Dragon Spear. She had seen even Godly Relics before, let alone Divine Artifacts. Even if Shi Feng did have Godly Relics in his bag, it would be an exaggeration to say that he would be plagued with endless troubles if they were discovered. Only ordinary powers and independent players would think so.

"This..." Shi Feng didn't know what to say in response to Red Frost's skepticism.

His bag held items that could influence the entire Greater God's Domain. Moreover, there was more than one such item. Setting aside the Bo

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