Chapter 841 - Expert's Paradise
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Shadowring Town, Tower of the Abyss:

Shortly after Shi Feng returned from the fifth floor once more, a flash of light appeared beside him. When the light faded, he saw Red Frost standing there, looking tired and wearing a wry smile.

"Are you still having trouble surviving even one move against your sixth-floor opponent?" Shi Feng asked curiously.

"No, that's not it," Red Frost said, shaking her head. "I can barely last three moves now. It's just that I only managed to merge one of my three Advanced Gold Combat Techniques with the Unthinking state. If I want to truly trade blows with that person, I must also merge the remaining two techniques. But I don't know if I can make it with only two days left."

Red Frost's response rendered Shi Feng momentarily speechless. Then, he said, "It doesn't matter, even if you can't make it. Your goal in returning to Holy Dragon Spear is to win the Elders and Grand Elders to your side. You don't need to be at the sixth-floor standard to do that."

The sixth-floor standard was a legend in the human race's Greater God's Domain. Throughout known history, not a single human player had ever reached the sixth-floor standard. Although Red Frost had already developed herself to her current limits in all aspects, the sixth-floor standard was still beyond her. Even with the Tower of the Abyss's assistance, she would need time to make the final step.

Not to mention, it had only been an hour since the two of them entered the Tower of the Abyss. Both of them had also started their respective climbs from the fifth floor. Yet, while he still struggled against Hope on the fifth floor and could barely integrate Sword's Orbit with the Unthinking state, Red Frost had already set foot on the sixth floor. Additionally, in just a little over a dozen attempts, she had integrated an Advanced Gold Combat Technique with the Unthinking state and could now survive three moves against her sixth-floor opponent. The difference between them was stark, and the rate of Red Frost's improvement was unbelievable.

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