Chapter 839 - Primordial Swordsman
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 839 - Primordial Swordsman

When Shi Feng removed the barrier on the Tower of the Abyss, he immediately received a series of system notifications.

System: Congratulations! Zero Wing has become the first Guild to construct an Epic Construction. Rewarding 50,000 Guild Reputation Points. Rewarding 30,000 Town Popularity Points to Shadowring Town.

System: Congratulations! Shadowring Town's Popularity has reached 50,000 points. You have been promoted to a 3-star Count of Holy Ring City. Rewarding five levels and 50 Holy Ring City Reputation Points.

System: Congratulations! You are the first player to become a 3-star Count of Holy Ring City. Rewarding five levels and 100 Holy Ring City Reputation Points.

Following the system notifications, a purple-gold glow enveloped Shi Feng, and his level increased from 190 to 200 in the blink of an eye. At the same time, like an Ancient God that had just awoken, the Tower of the Abyss started to radiate an aura that suffocated every player in Shadowring Town.

"Crap! What rank of construction is that?! How can it radiate such a powerful aura?!"

"Look! That tower's attracting Eternal Energy on its own!"

"The gathered Eternal Energy is condensing into mist?! Am I hallucinating?!

When the Holy Race players and human players in the vicinity saw the mist-like Eternal Energy around the Tower of the Abyss, their eyes immediately turned bloodshot.

Eternal Energy had an invigorating effect on the mind for all races. The denser the Eternal Energy, the greater its effect, and the greater the help it could provide players learning techniques. The Eternal Realm's environment, which was rich in Eternal Energy, was also why some players were willing to abandon their levels to enter the Eternal Realm.

Yet, despite the richness of Eternal Energy in the Eternal Realm, the Tower of the Abyss could create an even better environment in its vicinity. Moreover, this was only the tower's exterior. If the tower could already create such an environment outside, they couldn't even imagine what kind of environment was available insid

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