Chapter 835 - Walking Disaster
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Darkness suddenly enveloped the simulated battlefield, and all magic elements converged on Shi Feng like metal particles attracted to a magnet.

Is it a Domain Spell?

Xiao Yilong was astonished by this development. All he could see right now was darkness.

However, before Xiao Yilong could use a Control Removal Skill, he felt like a mountain had fallen on his shoulders. His movements and mana grew sluggish. As a result, his Advanced Gold Fusion Technique crumbled, and his HP plummeted.

98%... 95%... 90%...

In only a second, Xiao Yilong had already lost 15% of his HP…

"What is this move?"

In the first-floor lobby, Twilight Leaf was similarly stunned as she watched Xiao Yilong's HP decrease.

Twilight Leaf knew Xiao Yilong's strength well. Under the same Basic Attributes, even Domain Spells should only be able to suppress him slightly. Not to mention, Xiao Yilong had several Tier 6 Domain Spells in his repertoire. Even if he couldn't shrug off Shi Feng's Domain Spell, he should be able to put up some resistance.

Yet, Xiao Yilong couldn't even move right now, let alone resist. All he could do was watch as his HP disappeared. It was simply unbelievable.

When Xiao Yilong saw that his HP kept decreasing and his Mana kept dissipating, he knew he couldn't hold back any longer.

Immediately, a clearly visible Law Projection expanded from Xiao Yilong and quickly covered a 1,000-yard radius. Upon casting his Advanced Law Projection, Xiao Yilong recovered much of his maneuverability. His Divine Body also regathered his dissipated mana.

Xiao Yilong sighed in relief at this development. Although he was still suppressed, at least he could fight now.

An Advanced Law Projection? Shi Feng was unfazed by the quality of Xiao Yilong's Law Projection. In response, he activated the Shadow Incinerator's World's Descent.

Currently, his Miniature Abyssal World could only be considered an unfinished product. Its Completion Rate didn't even reach 60%. Fortunately, World's Descent could artificially enhance his control o

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