Chapter 834 - Abyss Unfolds
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"What's going on? Why is that great grandmaster challenging the Guild Leader?"

"He thinks he can defeat the Guild Leader in three moves? How arrogant is he? The Guild Leader is among the Divine Glory List's top 300 experts!"

"That person might be arrogant, but it's a fact that he is a great grandmaster. In an even fight in a simulation battle, not even the Divine Glory List's top 100 experts can necessarily beat him."

Xiao Yilong's challenge sparked discussions among the people in the hall.

Zero Wing was no longer an unknown Guild. Not only was it the sole Guild based in Star Lake City, a second-tier mobile city, but it also wielded considerable influence in the Eternal Realm. Additionally, Shi Feng, Zero Wing's Guild Leader, was an expert on the Divine Glory List. His name was known by many across the Greater God's Domain, and few Guilds and experts would dare to challenge him.

However, Xiao Yilong, as a great grandmaster, was no ordinary individual, either. Besides being qualified to be the City Lord of a first-tier mobile city, he could enjoy executive treatment if he joined a pseudo-apex power. This was because even the weakest great grandmasters could rank among the Divine Glory List's top 100. It was just that most great grandmasters found it beneath them to do so unless they could enter the top 10.

"What? Don't tell me you don't dare?" Xiao Yilong curled his lips at Shi Feng. "If you're worried about having an equipment disadvantage, we can fight under the same Basic Attributes. I can defeat you in three moves nonetheless."

"Don't be rash, Shi Feng," Red Frost hurriedly whispered to Shi Feng after hearing Xiao Yilong's provocation. "Xiao Yilong is only a step away from the pseudo-sixth-floor standard. Even the current Divine Glory List's top 30 experts can't beat him under the same Basic Attributes."

Red Frost knew Xiao Yilong well. The man might look like a musclehead, but he was a meticulous person. He would never fight unprepared.

Although Shi Feng currently ranked among the Divine Glory List's t

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