Chapter 738 - New Legend
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World Ark, Soul Lake Resurrection Camp:

Following the arrival of Zero Wing's reinforcements, the atmosphere in the resurrection camp became incomparably tense and gloomy. It was especially so for the Red Dragon Nation's and Azure Fang's members. Although they kept setting up magic arrays and war weapons around the camp's perimeter, they wore grim expressions as they did so.

After all, their opponents this time were the Sun Dynasty's Holy Guard and an army of 200,000-plus Holy Race experts formed by the Sun Dynasty's three subordinate Guilds. Not even the Seven Luminaries Alliance's resurrection camps could defend against such a force. So, even though the Red Dragon Nation, Azure Fang, and Zero Wing worked together, their chances of successfully defending the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp were slim.

"What do you think Zero Wing is trying to do, Milia? I thought they were sending their flying ship to aid in the defense, but it left again shortly after arriving. The Red Dragon Nation and Azure Fang also sent out a bunch of scouts to investigate the Holy Race army. Could they be planning an ambush?" Titan asked out of curiosity as he observed the situation inside the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp with the help of a Magic Mirror. "I've also heard other Guilds saying that Black Flame has gone toward the three Holy Race Guilds' campsite with a small team. Does he really think he can turn this Guild War around all by himself?"

"How should I know?" Milia answered, shaking her head. Then, a solemn look suddenly appeared on her face as she continued, "But based on our scouts' reports, the forces the three Holy Race Guilds have scattered across the Soul Lake seem to be in disarray right now."

"Did Black Flame really initiate an attack on them?" Titan asked, revealing a look of interest. "If that's the case, we should go over and take a look. The Seven Luminaries Alliance has placed Black Flame on the latest edition of the Divine Glory List. He's even ranked among the top 300 despite having only reached Tier 6 recently. This is t

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