Chapter 739 - Holy Guard Arrives
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"Zero Wing?" Titan revealed a surprised look when he heard Milia's words. "You're not joking, are you, Milia?"

Even for the various apex powers, it would be difficult for them to come up with a force of ten Taboo-level existences in the current Eternal Realm. So, how was it possible that a newly-established Guild like Zero Wing could do so?

If Zero Wing truly had such a powerful foundation, the Skylight Association's threat to Zero Wing would become a complete joke.

"Are you certain, Milia?" Nineteenth Sword asked, similarly having difficulty believing Milia's words.

"There should be no mistaking it," Milia said as she solemnly looked at the report she just received. "The scouts I dispatched have already sent over several battle videos involving the Holy Race army's campsites. You'll know once you take a look."

After saying so, Milia played two videos she received on the Magic Mirror for Nineteenth Sword and Titan to watch, each lasting no more than twenty seconds.

The first video showed a battle in a forest, and a large section of the forest could be seen encircled by screens made from holy power of unprecedented density.

Shortly after the video began, a cloaked woman wearing a six-winged emblem could be seen waving the staff in her hand and calling down a gale of death upon the forest. The gale dyed the forest environment in a shade of gray and repeatedly struck the energy screens, wearing them away.

In only a few seconds, the energy screens, which looked like they could withstand a long and continuous bombardment from even a Taboo-level existence, shattered. Subsequently, it took only a moment for the gale of death to annihilate the thousands of Holy Race players behind the energy screens.

The second video showed a battle taking place beside a lake. The Holy Race army in the video comprised over 10,000 players, of which more than 30 were Tier 6 experts. As soon as the video began, a cloaked female Assassin could be seen reaping the lives of the Tier 6 Holy Race experts one after another. None of the Tier 6 Holy

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