Chapter 691 - Ancient Human
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Fiery Heart's complexion turned pale when she heard Ji Luorong's words. Anxiously, she asked, "Is my Guild Leader alright, Commander Ji?"

The Flower of Seven Sins was a transcendental assassin organization specializing in killing players for money in God's Domain.

Apart from the Flower of Seven Sins' internally nurtured experts, other experts could also take on commissions from the Flower of Seven Sins to earn money and resources. It wasn't an exaggeration to say that 99% of assassinations in God's Domain were related to the Flower of Seven Sins, and even the Five Great Super Guilds had suffered at the hands of the organization.

Now that the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was butting heads with the Flower of Seven Sins, it would absolutely spell disaster for the Pavilion. If the Guild Leader got killed by the Flower of Seven Sins, not only would she lose some of her top-tier equipment, but the Phoenix Pavilion might also start to have difficulty keeping the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion under check.

"They haven't started to fight yet, last I saw them," Ji Luorong said. Then, in a slightly disappointed tone, she continued, "If not for that Team Dungeon that has recently popped up, I really would have wanted to trade a few blows with that Guild Leader of yours. The Sin of Wrath's newly promoted commander should also make for a good opponent."

Whether it was Phoenix Rain, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's current Guild Leader, or Blood Sand, the newly promoted commander of the Flower of Seven Sins' Sin of Wrath, both were legendary individuals in God's Domain and rumored to be as strong as the Ten Saints. So, they were the perfect sparring partners for Ji Luorong now that she had finally advanced to Tier 6.

Meanwhile, Fiery Heart sighed in relief when she heard Ji Luorong's answer.

If a fight were to break out between the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and the Flower of Seven Sins in the Ruined Temple, it would most likely be a life-or-death situation. But there should still be room for reconciliation if a fight hadn't started betwee

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