Chapter 491 - Flower Frenzy
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"Brothers! Charge! The entrance tokens to Blood Hell City will be ours!"

"All teams, split up and report any Regional Bosses you find right away! We must not let players from other powers get to these Bosses!"

"The Guild Leader has promised a reward of 100,000 Star Coins to whoever gets an entrance token!"

With the unlocking of the various city maps, the various powers operating in the Eternal Realm frantically mobilized their teams to Level 150-plus maps housing NPC Cities. Even independent players couldn't help but make their way to these city maps, hoping to get their hands on a city token.

NPC Cities were much rarer in the Eternal Realm than NPC Towns, with there being only one city for every ten or so towns. NPC Cities were also transportation hubs that connected various parts of the Eternal Realm, and players of all levels needed to enter NPC Cities regardless of their level to develop and live in the Eternal Realm. Therefore, the land and shops in NPC Cities were suitable for long-term holding, and players wouldn't have trouble reselling them at high prices.

Not to mention that there were far more opportunities in NPC Cities than in NPC Towns. Meanwhile, the sooner a player entered an NPC City, the greater their chances of obtaining these opportunities.

Simply put, NPC Cities were crucial for players and powers to secure an advantage in the Eternal Realm. It was especially so for the various powers.

In the Greater God's Domain, NPC Towns did not have the ability to let Guilds establish Guild Residences; only NPC Cities did. For a power to develop quickly, a Guild Residence was crucial.[1]

With a Guild Residence, a Guild's members could enjoy various guild benefits and special treatment in the city the Residence was in. This, in turn, would make guild members more cohesive. If a Guild had a Guild Residence, expert players would also be more willing to join it and contribute to the Guild's growth.

Silver Frost City, Green God Corporation's branch headquarters:

"Aren't we being a little to

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