Chapter 490 - City Maps Unlocked
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The plain voice coming from the VIP room elicited a gasp from everyone in the auction hall.

"Five hundred?! Is this person crazy?!"

"That's already enough money to buy one or two Legendary Weapons!"

"Could it be an apex power's successor?"

Everyone in the audience looked up at the VIP room on the second floor, each guessing who could be inside and possess such terrifying wealth.

The Dark Star Auction House's VIP rooms had a privacy function preventing others from seeing the situation inside. So long as a VIP room's guest did not choose to let others see the state of their room, they would be shielded from the prying eyes of others. This was one of the safety measures taken by the Eternal Chamber of Commerce to protect its guests.

Dammit! Which apex power is standing in my way?!

The Vice Guild Leader of Flaming Bee's face turned red with anger and frustration as he looked at the room where the latest bid came from.

Flaming Bee might be a pseudo-apex power, but the price of 500 Eternal Gold Coins was already way beyond its budget. At this stage of the Eternal Realm, only apex powers could possibly afford to spend 500 Eternal Gold on a single investment.

Meanwhile, the voice of the person who made the bid obviously came from a young man. However, there was no way any ordinary young man could have 500 Eternal Gold lying around. Even the average executive of an apex power would not have the authority to spend 500 Eternal Gold. So, the only logical conclusion was that the young man was the successor of an apex power.

Realizing this, Flaming Bee's Vice Guild Leader had no choice but to swallow this defeat.

After a short surprise, the beautiful auctioneer on the stage couldn't help but look at the VIP room on the second floor and softly ask, "Esteemed Guest, are you sure you want to bid 500 Gold?"

Even if the Eternal Chamber of Commerce had announced the sale of the Underground Palace Emblems ahead of time, it would have been highly unlikely for the emblems to sell for a fortune of 500 Eternal Gold. This was because there

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