Chapter 445 - Another Way to Use Mana
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 445 - Another Way to Use Mana

When Shi Feng saw Unrestrained Lionheart contacting him, he set aside the Mana Stone in his hand and somewhat helplessly answered the call.

After researching the Holy Power Negation Barrier Magic Array for an entire night, he couldn't help but have a newfound respect for the Great Grandmaster Magicians behind the barrier's development. Even though it was only a Grandmaster Magic Array, it wasn't something a Great Grandmaster Magician could replicate easily.

The Holy Power Negation Barrier was unlike any magic array Shi Feng had seen.

Traditional magic arrays didn't place much emphasis on mana volume. Or, more specifically, they didn't need fixed amounts of mana to activate. However, the Holy Power Negation Barrier did. Moreover, it had different volume requirements for gaseous, liquid, and solid mana.

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

When the players during Shi Feng's previous life constructed the Holy Power Negation Barrier, they wouldn't need to make precise mana adjustments because they had its design. The system would automatically make all the necessary adjustments based on the design. So, even Grandmaster Magicians could easily construct the Holy Power Negation Barrier.

However, Shi Feng currently did not have the design to guide him. He only had memories of the design. As a result, finding the right amount of mana to inject into the Holy Power Negation Barrier's mana nodes became a huge challenge. The magic array would stop functioning normally and possibly even crumble if the volume of mana it received was off by even a small margin.

Meanwhile, after numerous attempts at replicating the Holy Power Negation Barrier, Shi Feng realized just how astounding of an understanding the barrier's creators had toward mana.

Just by relying on Mana, they managed to find a way to block out Holy Power completely.

It should be known that Mana and Holy Power were two different types of energy capable of permeating one another. Meanwhile, it was normally impossible

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