Chapter 444 - New Eternal Night
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Pharos Town, Collet Hotel:

As space in the room started to become unfrozen, Shi Feng's mind also started to become active again. Then, it took a few more minutes before he regained the ability to move his body normally.

Is this the evolved Eternal Night?

When Shi Feng saw the dark-blue longsword with silver engravings floating in front of him, he couldn't help but be amazed.

Weapons and equipment that could evolve weren't particularly rare in God's Domain. A typical example would be Magic Weapons, which could be continuously improved by absorbing other weapons. It was even possible to nurture a Magic Weapon up to the Legendary rank.

However, Magic Weapons came with massive disadvantages. Not only would each subsequent upgrade cost more and more resources, but each upgrade would also increase the strength of the backlash users would suffer. Meanwhile, once players failed to cope with the backlash of a Magic Weapon, the Magic Weapon would devour them, and they would have to start a new account.

Meanwhile, Magic Weapons would usually cause a huge commotion when getting upgraded. However, those commotions were nothing compared to the commotion the Winter of Eternal Night's evolution caused.

It should be known that even when a Magic Weapon was being upgraded to the Legendary rank, it could, at most, cause Tier 4 players to shudder or become incapable of movement. However, the Winter of Eternal Night's evolution froze the surrounding space. Moreover, even with his Concentration at the Tier 6 Basic standard, Shi Feng's thoughts had become sluggish under this freezing effect.

After seeing the brand new Winter of Eternal Night, Shi Feng quickly clicked on the longsword to check its stats.

[Winter of Eternal Night] (One-handed Sword, Fragmented Legendary Rank)

Equipment Requirement: Strength 5,000, Tier 3

Attack Power (370% of Strength)

Attack Speed (4% of Agility)

All Attributes (Increases according to the user’s level)

When equipped:

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