Chapter 438 - Holy Aura
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The Eternal Realm's loot is as cheap as always…

Shi Feng sighed, feeling exasperated when he saw that the Nine-Headed Shadow Beast had only dropped three items.

It was true that the Eternal Realm was rich in resources. However, this "wealth" mainly pointed to the resources under the possession of the Eternal Realm's kingdoms and empires. When it came to the Eternal Realm's monsters, they were even more impoverished than monsters found in other Realms.

The only salvation was that the little loot the Eternal Realm's monsters dropped would typically be very high quality.

The Coin Chests dropped by monsters, for example, possessed incredible value. The contents of a Coin Chest changed depending on its color. The chest would be filled with Eternal Bronze Coins if it were bronze-colored, Eternal Bronze and Silver Coins if it were silver-colored, and Eternal Silver and Gold Coins if it were gold-colored. Typically, though, monsters would only drop Bronze and Silver Coin Chests.

After collecting the three items the Shadow Beast dropped, Shi Feng began inspecting them.

[Basic Holy Power Potion Recipe]

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Can be learned by Master Alchemists to produce the Basic Holy Power Potion. The Basic Holy Power Potion can strengthen users with Holy Power for up to 10 minutes.

Cooldown: 2 minutes

[Holy Power Crystal] (Legendary Material)

Contains incredibly dense Holy Power.

When Shi Feng opened the Silver Coin Chest, he found 73 Eternal Silver Coins and 25 Eternal Bronze Coins. This would be a significant harvest even for the average 20-man Tier 4 team operating in the Eternal Realm.

How lucky am I? I only killed one Regional Boss, yet I already got the Basic Holy Power Potion Recipe?

When Shi Feng looked at the tattered alchemy recipe in his hand, he instantly regained some energy.

Due to the abundance of Holy Power in the Eternal Realm, monsters had received a considerable improvement in their toughness. Yet, players could not receive the same help from Holy Power as monsters. On the contrary, Holy Power would cause players physical and mental discomfort.

Meanwhile, the Basic Holy Power Potion was an item that could help players mitigate the negative effects of Holy Power. It was similar to the Holy Power Bottle but stronger. During the Eternal Realm's early exploration stage, the Basic Holy Power Potion was one of the key potions needed for exploration, as it could let players exhibit their full combat power during crucial moments.

The problem was that players needed to craft the Basic Holy Power Potion themselves, and the recipe for the potion was only dropped by Regional Bosses at a very low chance. Depending on one's luck, one could kill a hundred Regional Bosses without even getting a copy of the recipe.

Due to this, recipes for the Basic Holy Power Potion could usually sell for more than ten Eternal Gold Coins during the early exploration stage. With that kind of money, one could already purchase t

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Novel Notes

I will be changing all instances of "Ancient Gods" up to the Shadow Incinerator/World Passage arc into "Primordial Gods".
One example would be as follows:
Ancient God's Blood -> Primordial God's Blood
Ancient Abyssal God -> Primordial Abyssal God
It would seem that I have misintepreted the raws. There are three categories of Gods instead of just two:
1) Gods
2) Ancient Gods (presumably Gods that have existed since Era of Myriad Gods)
3) Primordial Gods (presumably Gods that have existed since the Era of Primordial Gods)
I will try to fix these errors in the side stories, but I might not catch everything. However, basically everything Ancient God-related you've seen up until the Shadow Incinerator/World Passage Arc should be Primordial God-related instead.
Fyi, the Ancient God that fought against Shi Feng in the World Passage is an Ancient God, not a Primordial God.
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