Chapter 384 - One-Versus-Two
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Accompanied by thunder, the Thunder God's Spear in Storm's hand instantly flew through the sky and reached Shi Feng, its speed so fast that even Meteor and the other spectating Tier 4 experts had failed to catch it.

However, at the same time as the Thunder God's Spear arrived before Shi Feng, the flow of time seemingly slowed down. Moreover, this phenomenon wasn't limited to just Shi Feng's vicinity. Everything within a 500-yard radius had seemingly entered a state of stagnation. The descent of the falling leaves had slowed to a halt, and the dirt raised from the ground stayed suspended in the air.

At this moment, Shi Feng, the epicenter of this strange phenomenon, appeared to be the only existence unaffected.

Subsequently, Shi Feng could be seen unsheathing the Winter of Eternal Night and executing a simple strike against the Thunder God's Spear, forcibly altering its trajectory. Ultimately, the Thunder God's Spear failed to hit Shi Feng, only brushing past Shi Feng's shoulder and flattening a distant mountain.

How can a Tier 4 player possibly deflect that kind of attack? Meteor was greatly shocked as he looked at the flattened mountain. After all, going by the destruction caused, Storm's Thunder God's Spear was already close to rivaling a Tier 6 player's attack.

What did he do?

Saint Arm was similarly surprised by this turn of events. He knew very clearly how powerful the attack was. Now that Storm had reached Tier 5 already, few existences below Tier 6 should be able to stop her Thunder God's Spear. Even if pseudo-fifth-floor experts could predict the attack's trajectory, they wouldn't be able to evade it, let alone deflect it.

Yet, Shi Feng had accomplished this feat. Through some unknown means, Shi Feng drastically slowed down the flow of time around him, causing the Thunder God's Spear to lose much of its speed, which, in turn, allowed him to deflect the attack. This was the first time Saint Arm had seen such a phenomenon, and he couldn't help but find it unbelievable.

As expected of Thunderstorm. I might have gotten killed if I hadn't promptly upgraded the Winter of Eternal Night to the Legendary rank, Shi Feng thought, feeling a little surprised as he looked at the vibrating Winter of Eternal Night. It might seem like he had deflected the Thunder God's Spear with little effort to everyone, but Shi Feng knew just how close to death he was just now.

The elven woman named Thunderstorm was one of the Paimon Conglomerate's iconic figures. She might not be on the level of the Three Overlords, but she was still a top-tier presence in the Seven Luminaries A-League.

Thunderstorm was especially known for her mastery over the lightning element. Rather than an Elementalist, it'd be more appropriate to describe her as a War Goddess of Thunder. Her attacks were often so fast that her opponents would get killed before they could even react.

Although Thunderstorm had yet to reach Tier 6, her current strength was already plenty terrifying. If not for the Winter of Eternal Nig

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Novel Notes

I will be changing all instances of "Ancient Gods" up to the Shadow Incinerator/World Passage arc into "Primordial Gods".
One example would be as follows:
Ancient God's Blood -> Primordial God's Blood
Ancient Abyssal God -> Primordial Abyssal God
It would seem that I have misintepreted the raws. There are three categories of Gods instead of just two:
1) Gods
2) Ancient Gods (presumably Gods that have existed since Era of Myriad Gods)
3) Primordial Gods (presumably Gods that have existed since the Era of Primordial Gods)
I will try to fix these errors in the side stories, but I might not catch everything. However, basically everything Ancient God-related you've seen up until the Shadow Incinerator/World Passage Arc should be Primordial God-related instead.
Fyi, the Ancient God that fought against Shi Feng in the World Passage is an Ancient God, not a Primordial God.
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