Chapter 385 - Magic Suppression?
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On the floating island…

As soon as Storm finished speaking, a magic barrier that covered a 1,000-yard radius appeared around Shi Feng, thunderbolts constantly striking the inside of the barrier. Every thunderbolt carried as much power as the Thunder God's Spear previously used by Storm, and these thunderbolts easily numbered more than 300.

Upon sensing the devastating power the thunderbolts carried, even the Four Beast Warriors spectating from a distance, couldn't help but shudder. Although the four of them had already become Tier 5 players, they knew they couldn't survive this move, even if all four of them worked together.

Tier 5 players might have a much stronger physique than Tier 4 players, but even a Tier 5 player would be fortunate if they could defend against 100 of these thunderbolts simultaneously. The fact that Thunder Realm could let its user launch over 300 attacks simultaneously was also why, despite having weaker-than-average raw power compared to other Tier 5 Curses, it was still labeled as a Curse.

However, thanks to the Grandmaster Barrier created by Storm, every one of her Thunder Realm's 300-plus lightning bolts now carried power at the Tier 6 standard. Even Tier 6 experts would feel their scalps going numb when going up against such an attack, let alone Tier 5 players.

Is this the strength of the conglomerate's core paragons? Meteor was in awe as he watched Storm controlling over 300 lightning arcs.

Until this point, Meteor had always been confident he could enter the ranks of the Paimon Conglomerate's core paragons in the future. After all, he was currently already considered a paragon among the conglomerate's internal members. However, after seeing Storm's performance, his confidence started to waver because he realized that the gap between him and an actual core paragon was unbelievably huge.

At this time, Meteor even had a feeling that Storm could already go up against the Tier 6 experts of corporations in her current state.

With her ability to manipulate over 300 lightning bolts carrying power at the Tier 6 standard, it wouldn't even be an exaggeration to say that Storm was a Goddess of Thunder!

Meanwhile, after seeing the barrier taking shape, Saint Arm promptly fled out of it, not daring to stay within it for even a moment longer. Although Storm could manipulate the thunderbolts in the magic barrier, she had to manage over 300 thunderbolts at all times. If she mismanaged them and he got hit by a few, he would still be vaporized, even if he was a Shield Warrior.

When Storm saw that Saint Arm had exited the barrier, she looked at Shi Feng and smiled, saying, "You can take pride in the fact that you got me to use Thunder Realm's Descent."

After saying so, Storm pointed at Shi Feng, and all 300-plus lightning bolts in the barrier transformed into agile serpents that attacked Shi Feng from all directions.

At this time, even White Owl and Laura, who were fighting in the distant sky, couldn't help but glance at Storm's Thunder Realm's Descent.

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Novel Notes

I will be changing all instances of "Ancient Gods" up to the Shadow Incinerator/World Passage arc into "Primordial Gods".
One example would be as follows:
Ancient God's Blood -> Primordial God's Blood
Ancient Abyssal God -> Primordial Abyssal God
It would seem that I have misintepreted the raws. There are three categories of Gods instead of just two:
1) Gods
2) Ancient Gods (presumably Gods that have existed since Era of Myriad Gods)
3) Primordial Gods (presumably Gods that have existed since the Era of Primordial Gods)
I will try to fix these errors in the side stories, but I might not catch everything. However, basically everything Ancient God-related you've seen up until the Shadow Incinerator/World Passage Arc should be Primordial God-related instead.
Fyi, the Ancient God that fought against Shi Feng in the World Passage is an Ancient God, not a Primordial God.
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