Chapter 379 - Laura's Sword
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A Legendary Mount? Thousand Scars fell into a daze when she heard Death Omen's words. Is this the reason for his confidence?

Flying Mounts were incredibly rare. They were so rare that even Tier 6 experts would have difficulty getting their hands on an Extraordinary Flying Mount in the Greater God's Domain, let alone Legendary Flying Mounts.

Throughout the entire Starlight Realm's history, no more than 100 Legendary Flying Mounts have been recorded. It wasn't an exaggeration to say that Legendary Flying Mounts were rarer than dragons. The value of a Legendary Flying Mount also wasn't the least bit inferior to a contracted Tier 4 or Tier 5 Dragon.

Compared to a contracted Tier 4 or Tier 5 Dragon, a Legendary Flying Mount had a much greater chance of getting promoted to Tier 6. It should be that a single Tier 6 Flying Mount had enough HP and destructive power to rival several dozen Tier 6 players. Even a Tier 6 expert clad in a Legendary Equipment Set and wielding a Legendary Weapon could only hope to match a Tier 6 Flying Mount.

Moreover, this was only under the assumption that the Tier 6 expert was fighting in the Greater God's Domain or their native world.

If players tried to fight in a foreign world, they would be subjected to the world's suppression. Under this suppression, a Tier 6 expert clad in a complete Legendary Equipment Set and wielding a Legendary Weapon could, at best, match a native Tier 6 expert wielding a Legendary Weapon. Needless to say, they'd be of no threat to a Tier 6 Flying Mount in such a weakened state.

Normally, so long as a power owned a Tier 6 Flying Mount, even conglomerates would have difficulty dealing with said power unless they had the strength to destroy an entire God's Domain.

However, in the Greater God's Domain, few powers possessed such strength.


While Thousand Scars was in a daze, Zero Wing's members couldn't help but grow ecstatic as they rode on the Mutated Frostflame Phantom Dragon.

"You're amazing, Guild Leader!" Su Qianliu said excitedly as she admired the shocked expressions of the players stuck in the void sea. "The various powers are probably feeling dumbfounded right now."

There were tens of millions of Mythic-ranked Void Sea Serpents on the void sea. This was a very frightening beast tide. With just the players and ships currently gathered here, there was no way to clear out these monsters in a short time. As a result, even the various hegemonic powers could only advance through the void sea at a snail's pace. At this rate, even getting close to the Void Gods' settlement would be a problem for the various hegemonic powers, let alone reaching it.

However, it was a different story for Zero Wing. Although there were also monsters blocking the sky, the Mutated Frostflame Phantom Dragon could break through these monsters' blockade easily. And once overtaken, none of these monsters could catch up to the Frostflame Dragon since their Movement Speeds were inferior to Flying Mounts. Because of this, the various hegemonic powers coul

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Novel Notes

I will be changing all instances of "Ancient Gods" up to the Shadow Incinerator/World Passage arc into "Primordial Gods".
One example would be as follows:
Ancient God's Blood -> Primordial God's Blood
Ancient Abyssal God -> Primordial Abyssal God
It would seem that I have misintepreted the raws. There are three categories of Gods instead of just two:
1) Gods
2) Ancient Gods (presumably Gods that have existed since Era of Myriad Gods)
3) Primordial Gods (presumably Gods that have existed since the Era of Primordial Gods)
I will try to fix these errors in the side stories, but I might not catch everything. However, basically everything Ancient God-related you've seen up until the Shadow Incinerator/World Passage Arc should be Primordial God-related instead.
Fyi, the Ancient God that fought against Shi Feng in the World Passage is an Ancient God, not a Primordial God.
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