Chapter 380 - Demigod
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"Who is she?!"

Whether it was Trecht and the other Tier 4 paragons or the Four Beast Warriors, they couldn't help but be dumbfounded when they saw the several dozen Void Sea Dragons blocking Zero Wing's team falling into the void sea. They were so shocked by this scene that they had nearly forgotten to defend themselves against the Void Sea Dragons they faced.

Meanwhile, standing atop the Frostflame Dragon's back, Midsummer couldn't help but turn to look at Shi Feng and ask, "Who is this person, Guild Leader?"

Even Trecht, an existence on par with Empress Blood Arrow and the Undefeated Battle Maniac, had great difficulty going up against three Void Sea Dragons by himself. If he tried to take on several dozen Void Sea Dragons by himself, he would instantly be reduced to ashes. After all, all of the Void Sea Dragons could attack from range. If several dozen of them attacked, there'd be no room for him to make evasive maneuvers.

Yet, the woman named Laura Crader had heavily damaged several dozen Void Sea Dragons in one move. Her strength was utterly horrifying.

"Xiaoxiao, has Zero Wing always had such an expert?" Jun Luosha asked, the corner of her eyes twitching as she looked at Wu Xiaoxiao. The degree of shock she experienced from seeing what just happened was beyond the shock she experienced from learning about Shi Feng's ownership of a Legendary Flying Mount.

At this time, Jun Luosha could only think of one word to describe the woman known as Laura Crader.


True invincibility!

Dira's four bodyguards had to work together just to hold back a dozen or so Void Sea Dragons from attacking Dira. Moreover, that was under the condition that all four of them had reached Tier 5.

It should be known that the Four Beast Warriors were not some random nobodies. They were paragons nurtured by the Paimon Conglomerate for many years. During their early years, their names were known throughout the Starlight Realm, and the fame they enjoyed back then went far beyond what paragons like Trecht currently enjoye

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