Chapter 319 - Ancient River's Top 100
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 319 - Ancient River's Top 100

"Impossible!" Thousand Scars instinctively denied the words of the people around her. "You must be mistaken. Black Flame should still be in the Miniature Ancient World. How could he appear in the Greater God's Domain's Ancient River Kingdom?"

Her homeworld's passage had yet to fully open, so her homeworld and the Miniature Ancient World remained isolated from the Greater God's Domain. Meanwhile, before the World Passage opened, nobody in the Miniature Ancient World could leave it.

Moreover, it should be known that Black Flame had only appeared in the Top of Two Worlds' new God Mode Regional Dungeon a few days ago and fought against the Paimon Conglomerate's Meteor. It was because of this fight that he had managed to remain within the top 10 of the Miniature Ancient World's God-ranked Expert List and gained some fame among the Greater God's Domain's various hegemonic powers.

It had only been a few days since then, yet she was supposed to believe that Black Flame had not only traveled to the Greater God's Domain somehow, but he had even entered the Ancient River Kingdom's Rookie Competition and received a challenge from the Markless Blade? Even fantasies wouldn't sound so far-fetched.

"It shouldn't be a mistake," the cute girl said, shaking her head. "The Seven Luminaries Alliance is currently broadcasting the Ancient River Kingdom's Rookie Competition. The broadcast of Black Flame's battles has also received the Alliance's confirmation, and over 100,000 people have already paid to watch the broadcast. Everyone is paying close attention to see whether Black Flame can pass the preliminaries' four rounds and get promoted into the official competition to fight against Vice Commander Markless."

Although she did not know how strong Black Flame was exactly, Markless Blade was a big shot in Star Lake City. He was also the target of worship for many young men and women in the city. It was especially so for those seeking to join the Star Lake Legion.

Markless Blade was obsessed with training. Apart from participating in resource battles between cities, he would rarely show himself in public. Even his participation in the Ancient River Kingdom's Rookie Competition had gone unknown initially.

If Markless Blade hadn't taken the initiative to publicly announce his challenge to Black Flame, nobody would have thought that Markless Blade was actually taking part in the Rookie Competition.

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