Chapter 236 - Silver Ranked Sword's Orbit
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 236 - Silver Ranked Sword's Orbit

After hearing Shi Feng's offer, a look of hesitation appeared on Frey's face as she watched Shi Feng holding back the Nether King.

"You can have half of the Nether King's loot, but I cannot give you first pick on the loot," Frey said resolutely after taking a deep breath. "However, I can give you five million Star Coins as compensation."

When the players from the Desolate Star God's Domain heard Frey's counteroffer, a look of envy immediately appeared on their faces. Even Flanders couldn't help but look at Frey in astonishment, not expecting Frey to be willing to offer such a high price.

It should be known that the Tower Alliance was only offered three million Star Coins to take on this commission.

Of course, Flanders and the others also understood that Shi Feng was most likely the only person capable of going up against Diaclo right now. No other team or player present had the strength to survive the Nether King's attacks. Not to mention, most of the participating teams had fled the plaza already. So, the offer of five million Star Coins was completely understandable.

At this time, even Shi Feng was a little stunned. He didn't think Frey would make him such a lucrative offer. Although he yearned for a Cross-Border Guild Promotion Order, the Promotion Order was nowhere near worth five million Star Coins.

"Deal," Shi Feng answered without hesitation.

Shi Feng was confident he could defeat Diaclo because of the Tower Alliance's magic barrier and Frey's Soul Annihilation Spears. Without either of these factors, it'd be impossible for him to defeat the Nether King. Hence, had Frey refused his offer, his only option would be to escape. Now that Frey had made him an even better offer, he'd be a fool to throw this opportunity away.

"You're too amazing, Guild Leader! With this, we just earned 100 Life Potions!" Su Qianliu said excitedly through the team chat.

A sum of 100 Life Potions was something that could make the various international corporations' jaws drop. Zero Wing could even become a major corporation by relying on these 100 Life Potions.

As for Shi Feng's ability to block Diaclo's attack, anyone who had seen the fight between Shi Feng and Solitary Soul in the Stratified Abyssal Realm wouldn't be surprised. After all, aside from not having any Tier 4 Skills or Spells, Shi Feng was no different than a Tier 4 player already. In terms of the Strength Attribute, he was even superior to the average Tier 4 expert. Otherwise, he couldn't have defeated Solitary Soul, who had become a bona fide Tier 4 player.

The Nether King might be an insurmountable opponent for Tier 3 players. Still, now that its Basic Attributes were weakened by 50% and its soul was injured to a certain extent, even Tier 4 experts had a chance of defeating it, let alone a monster like Shi Feng.

Meanwhile, Liu Wusheng and Galaxy Past couldn't help but widen their eyes in shock after seeing this turn of events. They didn't think that Shi Feng could actually hold his ground against a Tier 5 Nether King, his strength in no way inferior to Shimmering Sword.

If Shi Feng had such strength, even if the Flower of Seven Sins' three commanders attacked him together, the only outcome awaiting them would be death.

"Alright, everyone, get moving!" Shi Feng said to his team with a faint smile. "I'll keep the Nether King busy while the rest of you attack its blind spots!"

Following Shi Feng's command, everyone in Shi Feng's team went into action. Shi Feng took on the Nether King from the front, while Laura Crader, Echoing Judgment, Hidden Soul, and the other God-ranked experts attacked the Nether King from its sides. Everyone else coordinated their attacks with the God-ranked experts from a distance.

For a time, the Nether King could be seen stopped in its tracks by Shi Feng's team, unable to target Frey any longer. Its HP was even steadily decreasing with time.

"What a powerful team!"

"They've managed to stop a Tier 5 Nether King with only a 100-man team of Tier 3 players? Could they be from some hegemonic power from the Greater God's Domain?"

"So that's why the Tower Alliance's team took the initiative to greet those people."

When the other teams in the plaza saw Shi Feng's team successfully pinning down the Nether King, curiosity immediately filled their minds.

The feat of pinning down a Tier 5 Nether King with only a 100-man team of Tier 3 players was something not even the Desolate Star God's Domain's two hegemonic powers could accomplish. Yet, Shi Feng's team had accomplished it. This meant that Shi Feng's team should have extraordinary origins.

"Good! Now that the Nether King is kept busy, everyone else, focus on eliminating the Revenant Manipulators!"

When Flanders saw this turn of events, a hint of excitement flashed in his eyes, and he promptly commanded the remaining teams in the plaza to relaunch their offensive.

Although there were significantly fewer teams in the plaza than before, due to the Tower Alliance's team's participation, the process of eliminating the Revenant Manipulators was not the slightest bit slower than before.

In less than twenty minutes, all ten Revenant Manipulators were defeated. Diaclo's HP bar had also decreased by a lot, the Nether King having only 70% of its HP left.

This situation caused the various teams that had long since fled out of the plaza to grow incredibly envious.

"Dammit! Why didn't we stay a little longer just now?! With this, not only did we lose half of our team, but we're not even getting any compensation!"

A Crusade Quest differed from a normal Boss raid out in the fields. Once the Boss of a Crusade Quest was summoned, the raid would begin, and a combat zone would be designated. If players were to leave this combat zone during the raid, they would be prohibited from entering the combat zone again afterward. Of course, players who weren't in the combat zone from the beginning would also be prohibited from taking part in the raid.

The combat zone for the Legendary Crusade Quest was limited to the divine statue plaza. Since their teams had fled out of the plaza, they naturally couldn't participate in the Nether King raid anymore. Moreover, since they fled in the middle of the raid, it went without saying that they wouldn't receive any compensation from Frey. After all, they had taken the initiative to give up on the commission before Frey had declared the operation a failure.

"He did it on purpose! Black Flame must have done it on purpose!" Flames of anger burned in Gluttony's eyes as he glared at Shi Feng's figure in the center of the plaza.

When Diaclo was incinerating the various teams with its Soul Fire, Shi Feng had chosen not to take action despite having the strength to stop the Nether King. Yet, he had taken action as soon as the Flower of Seven Sins' team had left the combat zone.

Even a fool could tell that Zero Wing was targeting the Flower of Seven Sins and making sure that the Flower of Seven Sins did not receive any share of the commission's compensation.

To make matters worse, the Flower of Seven Sins had lost nearly half its main force members to the Nether King. After such a devastating loss, the Flower of Seven Sins' exploration progress of the Boundary Mountain Range would definitely fall behind the various superpowers' main forces…

"Don't worry. They won't succeed," Menghao said, chuckling as he looked at the distant Nether King. "At the end of the day, Diaclo is still a Tier 5 monster. If those people had the ability to take care of a Tier 5 monster all by themselves, the Tower Alliance would have never invited Bright Dragon."

Gluttony instantly calmed down after hearing Menghao's words.

Tier 5 monsters were such challenging opponents that it would normally take a team of Tier 5 experts to bring one down. This was because players beneath Tier 5 would have a very difficult time surviving the Tier 5 Skills and Spells of a Tier 5 monster.

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"Look! Isn't this the beginning of the end?" Menghao said as he pointed at the Nether King that had suddenly started chanting an incantation.

The Tower Alliance didn't invite Bright Dragon to challenge this commission together out of the kindness of its heart. Instead, the Tower Alliance had done so because of a certain Tier 4 Defensive Magic Scroll Bright Dragon possessed.

Holy Realm!

This was a Tier 4 Defensive Curse that summoned a barrier capable of withstanding even Tier 5 Skills and Spells used by a Tier 5 monster.

However, now that Bright Dragon had already withdrawn from the operation, what would Shi Feng use to stop the Nether King's Tier 5 Spell?

"This is…Rain of Stars! A Tier 5 Destruction Spell!"

When Flanders, who had just hurried back to Diaclo's side, saw the gigantic crimson magic array in the sky that essentially covered the entire plaza, his complexion paled instantly.

Flanders did not forget that the Nether King could use Tier 5 Skills and Spells. Even so, he hadn't worried too much about this previously since it was still possible to whittle Diaclo to death with their numbers advantage.

However, Flanders never imagined Diaclo would use a Tier 5 Destruction Spell of all things. This attack alone was enough to annihilate every player in the plaza.

Before Flanders could think of a way to salvage the situation, miniature stars that measured several dozen meters in radius began descending from the crimson magic array.

Meanwhile, when Shi Feng saw the several dozen descending stars, he unsheathed his other longsword, Blasphemer, and charged to the center of these stars without hesitation.

Abyssal Power!

After letting out a low shout, Shi Feng executed his defensive sword technique, Sword's Orbit.

Subsequently, a galaxy of stars formed around Shi Feng. Different from the descending miniature stars made of gigantic boulders, the stars formed around Shi Feng were made of four or five sword lights each.

When Shi Feng used Sword's Orbit in his duel with Solitary Soul in the Stratified Abyssal Realm, he executed the technique with only one sword. Because of that, the stars he created were only composed of two or three sword lights each, and the resulting power he exhibited was only at the level of a Bronze Combat Technique.

However, Shi Feng was now executing the technique with two swords, which was the intended way of using Sword's Orbit. As a result, Sword's Orbit was now a sword technique that had officially stepped into the realm of Silver Combat Techniques!

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