Chapter 235 - Asura's Strongest?
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Boundary Mountain Range, second underground level, outside the divine statue plaza:

A 1,000-man team was currently making its way up the staircase lining the divine statue to reach the plaza on top of the divine statue's head. Then, around 2,000 yards away from the plaza, the team erected a magic barrier to stop for a quick break.

"Why are there so many Void Creatures flying around the divine statue? Why do Asura's members have so much Stamina? We have significantly more players than them, so we should be able to conserve more Stamina than they can logically. Yet, they managed to shake us off easily. They've probably already reached the uppermost plaza by now," Tao Yuwei said as she looked up at the distant plaza with an envious gaze.

According to the information the Flower of Seven Sins just shared, various powers from the two God's Domain were currently gathered at the uppermost plaza to complete a VIP's commission. Among them included the various powers from the several great alliances. Meanwhile, so long as these powers could complete the VIP's commission, they'd have a much easier time establishing a foothold in the Greater God's Domain.

However, the several great alliances had kept their lips shut on this matter to prevent others from getting a cut in the action. By the time World Dominators and Blackwater learned of this commission, everything was already too late. Although they've already done their best to hurry to the plaza on top of the divine statue, they still couldn't reach the plaza in time to participate in the commission.

"Do you honestly think Asura's team will have the qualifications to participate in the commission, little girl?" the Flower of Seven Sins' Death Omen said contemptuously and rolled her eyes when she overheard Tao Yuwei's words. "You must've seen the other God's Domain's players we passed by on our way here. The overall standard of the other side's players is much higher than ours. A force of eight God-ranked experts might be powerful on our side, but it is only one of many teams among the other side's various superpowers. Without a recommendation, Asura's team won't even qualify to participate in the commission."

The VIP's commission might be extended to all powers originating from the two God's Domain, but the authority to verify whether a power was qualified to participate in the commission lay in the hands of the Desolate Star God's Domain's two hegemonic powers.

In other words, without the two hegemonic powers' agreement, a power couldn't even qualify for the commission.

The several great alliances managed to qualify for the commission because they had gotten in touch with the Bright Dragon Guild, one of Desolate Star's two hegemonic powers, very early on. Among them, the Flower of Seven Sins even had something that interested Bright Dragon.

When Thousand Swords and Jing Yang overheard Death Omen's words, the two kept silent because they understood that what the woman said was most likely true. They also no longer hoped to be able to participate in the commission. The only reason they continued following the several great alliances' 1,000-man team even now was so that they could hopefully get acquainted with some of the Desolate Star God's Domain's powers.

Unlike ordinary superpowers, World Dominators and Blackwater knew a connection had already formed between their world and the Greater World. They also knew that their world would eventually merge with the Greater World, and everyone on Earth would inevitably have to live in the Greater World. If World Dominators and Blackwater could establish a certain degree of partnership with the Desolate Star God's Domain's superpowers, it'd be of immense help to them in God's Domain and the real world.

After all, the Desolate Star God's Domain's real world had become connected to the Greater World long ago. By now, Desolate Star's players had already established a foundation for themselves in the Greater World. This was a stark contrast to the players of their world, who had hardly anything in the Greater World.

After their short conversation, Death Omen and the others continued their ascent and quickly reached the plaza on top of the divine statue's head.

As soon as they arrived, the sight of several thousand players frantically fleeing out of the spacious plaza greeted them. Death Omen even spotted a familiar figure among these fleeing players.

"What's going on?" Death Omen grew confused when she saw Gluttony fleeing out of the plaza.

Gluttony was tasked with leading the Flower of Seven Sins' experts to participate in the commission at the divine statue's plaza. Yet, Gluttony was now fleeing out of the plaza with his team…

Moreover, aside from Gluttony, Death Omen also noticed many God-ranked experts among the fleeing crowd, their numbers easily exceeding 100…

Aside from Death Omen, Chiyang Tianhe, Thousand Swords, and the others were also flabbergasted by this scene. Although they had long known that the Desolate Star God's Domain was much more powerful than their God's Domain, they didn't think the other side would be this powerful. God-ranked experts were no different than cabbages in this place, with every team having at least two or three. The Desolate Star God's Domain's circumstances were completely different from their God's Domain.

"Quickly retreat! We can no longer stay in this place!" Gluttony shouted when he saw Death Omen's group at the staircase's entrance.

However, Gluttony's reminder didn't get much of a response from Death Omen and the others. This was because their attention was drawn toward the gigantic skeleton in the middle of the plaza.

Nether King Diaclo!

They could clearly sense the Nether King's might even from over a thousand yards away. Not to mention, Diaclo was still wielding its Soul Fire even until now.

However, compared to the Nether King that could easily extinguish players' souls, what astonished Death Omen and the others even more, was the man who had stopped Diaclo's attack with a gigantic sword.

How did he do it?! Death Omen's eyes widened in disbelief as she stared at Shi Feng.

At Tier 3, even a God-ranked expert would be nothing but an ant that could be crushed instantly in front of a Tier 5 monster. It wouldn't matter even if the Tier 5 monster in question was being suppressed. There was no way a Tier 3 player could single-handedly block and survive the attack of a Tier 5 monster.

Yet, Shi Feng had actually accomplished this feat. For a moment, Death Omen even started to wonder if Shi Feng was still a Tier 3 player or if he had secretly completed his Tier 4 promotion already.

Meanwhile, Thousand Swords and Jing Yang also gaped in shock at this scene.

After seeing Shimmering Sword's over-the-top performance previously, they thought that Shimmering Sword was undoubtedly the Asura Mercenary Alliance's strongest player. After all, the woman already had the strength to go up against an entire superpower all by herself.

Yet, Shi Feng had blocked the attack of a Tier 5 Nether King... What was up with this situation?

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As for Flanders, who stood in the middle of the plaza, he was both surprised and relieved to see Shi Feng's extraordinary strength. After all, if Frey's soul were to get erased, the Tower Alliance would be doomed. In fact, everyone participating in the operation would most likely meet a tragic fate.

While everyone inside and outside the plaza had fallen silent, Shi Feng suddenly looked toward the exhausted Frey and asked, "Would you like to make a deal, Miss Frey?"

As soon as Shi Feng finished speaking, Flanders couldn't help but have the urge to roll his eyes. He couldn't believe that Shi Feng was trying to make a deal with Frey in this situation rather than think of a way to get out of the plaza alive.

"A deal?" Frey wasn't a pampered princess. Although she was surprised by the strength Shi Feng displayed, she quickly calmed down and asked, "What kind of deal?"

"If we can defeat Diaclo, I want half of the Nether King's loot and the right to have first pick over one item," Shi Feng said without any reservations.

What is he thinking?! Maria, who stood next to Frey, widened her eyes in shock as she looked at Shi Feng. She felt that Shi Feng must have lost his mind to try to bargain with Frey.

If the Galaxy Corporation's Fourth Princess got angry, she could even make the people of their two worlds vanish forever, let alone the Tower Alliance.

However, Shi Feng was convinced that Frey wanted to kill Diaclo, and if she missed this opportunity, there would be no second chance. Moreover, Frey should know that the raid was doomed to fail now that most of the teams here were thinking about running for their lives.

So, now was the best opportunity for Shi Feng to get his hands on some of the Nether King's loot.

Tier 5 monsters were very rare in God's Domain. This was the case even in the Greater God's Domain.

However, all Tier 5 monsters found in the Greater God's Domain or special worlds that connected multiple God's Domains, such as the Miniature Ancient World, would have a great chance of dropping a Cross-Border Guild Promotion Order.

This was an item that could directly promote a Basic Cross-Border Guild into a Bronze Cross-Border Guild, granting the Guild privileges that a Basic Cross-Border Guild could only dream of having. The status of a Bronze Cross-Border Guild was also crucial in allowing Guilds to establish a foothold in the Greater World.

Now that the World Passage's opening was fast approaching, if he were to miss out on this opportunity, he'd have to wait until he entered the Greater God's Domain before he could obtain a Cross-Border Guild Promotion Order.

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