Chapter 2146 - Battle of the Empress, Part Two
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2146 - Battle of the Empress, Part Two

Three days later, at the fifteen forbidden area, the nearest forbidden area to the destination...

A cloud of black light suddenly appeared on top of a mountain. Qin Nan, Yi Shi, Cheng Mu, and the others stepped out from it.

Qin Nan looked around him and saw mountains and trees with rare phenomena. The place had all kinds of terrifying auras as if a storm was taking place. Normally, a Master of Dao would just avoid the place.

The mysterious existence, Wuzhu had chosen this spot for Qin Nan since he wanted a place where other Masters of Dao would not notice his presence.

Qin Nan took a deep breath and sat on his legs crossed to calm his mind.

He learned from Yi Shi and Cheng Mu that the Masters of Dao had fifteen days to gather at the venue after the Supreme Haotian Badge was activated. 

If they were late for even a day, a special rune would appear on their body. They would have to submit certain objects to the Supreme Haotian Badge to remove the seal, or they would be considered to have broken the oath. If they were late for more than fifteen days, they would have to submit a fragment of Heaven Highness Weapon or the remains of a Ruler of Dao. 

In other words, there were twelve days until the battle took place. He could only wait for now.

Time gradually passed. Days were gone in the blink of an eye.

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The morning on the twelfth day...

"Cultivator Qin Nan, it's almost time. We should be going," Yi Shi and Cheng Mu flew over from the mountain in the distance and said.

Qin Nan nodded. Yi Shi and the others flew into the distance.

Qin Nan looked at Wuzhu and brought his fists together, "Senior, I'll leave it in your hands." 

Wuzhu was shrouded by a gray light which prevented others from seeing his face. He acknowledged and performed several hand seals. A great force started rumbling.

The other mysterious existences fired rays of light into Wuzhu's body.

Wuzhu shoved his hands forward. The area over a hundred zhang ahead started rippling like a screen. Some time later, the ripples gradually calmed down. An image showed up on the screen. 

Everything on the screen had golden edges.

In addition to it, the cultivators were cultivating on top of the mountains. Huge waves of energy were flowing between the Heavens and Earth. 

Some cultivators were standing on tall trees. Their robes were flapping in the wind as they stared into the distance. Others were hovering in the air while chatting with one another.

A few seemed to have noticed something. They turned around and stared right at the screen. Qin Nan immediately felt his hair standing on its end.

There were more than a hundred figures on the screen. Each one of them was a Master of Dao!

Those in the early stage and the peak Master Realm were present too. Some were less than a thousand years old, while others had lived up to ten thousand years. Certain people had even used secret arts to remain asleep for countless years. They had only woken up now. 

Wuzhu was only able to project the middle sector of the seventh forbidden area. There were other areas which the screen was not showing.

In other words, the Masters of Dao he saw were not all of them.

"The Supreme Haotian Badge is terrifying indeed. It has completely modified the rules of the seventh forbidden area in just fifteen days!"

"You're underestimating it. It has already modified the seventh forbidden area on the second day!"

"Say, what would happen if someone triggers the Supreme Haotian Badge in the first forbidden area?" 

"Didn't someone do it during the ancient era? However, the Supreme Haotian Badge seems to have reached an agreement with the first five forbidden areas. It can no longer be activated in them," Wuzhu and the mysterious existences were sharing what they knew.

Qin Nan did not hear a single word. He was focusing on the figures on the screen, yet he did not see the copper mirror. 

Qin Nan withdrew his gaze after some time. He asked, "Seniors, are there anyone you are familiar with among them? Can you tell me more about them?" 

The mysterious existences were startled, yet they did not overthink it. They said, "That old man with red hair is the fifty-third Patriarch of the Extreme Living Gate, the Extreme Dao Master. I met him once before. He's already a peak Master of Dao a thousand years ago..."

Qin Nan was quite lucky. The mysterious existences had been around in the Battlefield of Aeon for a long time. They had watched many battles of the Hundred Years Oath, thus they were familiar with the reputable Masters of Dao. 

Qin Nan listened carefully to those whom he should keep an eye on.

"It's almost time!" Wuzhu suddenly said.

The mysterious existences stopped talking and fixed their eyes on the screen. Qin Nan also wore a stern look. The atmosphere tensed even though they were not taking part in the battle.

A few moments later, the whole screen turned golden. They could no longer see anyone on it.

A hoarse voice soon echoed in every Master of Dao's ears, the Battlefield of Aeon, and the fifteen forbidden area, "Abide by the oaths of our ancestors and fellow cultivators, the tenth Battle of the Masters will now begin!" 

A while later, an imperious aura spread across the rift. Qin Nan shuddered and took a deep breath.

He was currently in the fifteenth forbidden area. It would take him half the period of an incense stick to reach the center of the seventh forbidden area, yet he could still feel the auras of the Masters of Dao from here? 

What would it be if it was at the seventh forbidden area?

The golden light on the screen soon faded away.

However, the scenery had changed significantly.

Artifacts and resources of various shapes appeared in the sky while emitting brilliant glows. There were also remains of cultivators too. Even those not at the scene could sense their terrifying auras.

In addition to it, several figures turned into rays of light. They crashed into one another and unleashed Arts of Dao. Shocking battles took place in every corner. Even Qin Nan and the others at the fifteenth forbidden area could hear faint explosions in the distance. 

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