Chapter 2147 - Battle of the Empress, Part Three
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2147 - Battle of the Empress, Part Three

The shocking will even pierced through the rare phenomena above Qin Nan and the others like shocking rays.

The whole fifteenth forbidden area was greatly affected.

"How intense is the Battle of the Masters!"

"Yeah, it might not be as epic as the Hundred Years Oath, but every Master of Dao taking part in it has to fight with their best!"

"It's only the beginning, yet the battle has spread across half of the seventh forbidden area!"

Wuzhu and the mysterious existences were in awe once again.

It was also their first time witnessing the Battle of the Masters. 

Qin Nan did not say a word. He was fully focused on the battle that was well beyond his league.

His eyes widened all of a sudden.

A woman in a white dress appeared on the screen. She was approaching from the distance. She had a golden symbol on her pale forehead. She was as eye-catching as usual when she was amid the chaotic battle, like a fire in total darkness.

"Empress Feiyue?"

"It's her? She's the one that activated the Supreme Haotian Badge?" Wuzhu and the mysterious existences were startled.

Even though it was their first time watching the Battle of the Masters, they did hear from others that the person who activated the Supreme Haotian Badge would have a mysterious golden symbol on their forehead. The person would also be strengthened by the Supreme Haotian Badge. 

The rays of light that were crashing into one another on the screen immediately scattered. The Masters of Dao stopped fighting and headed toward Empress Feiyue.

Many of them looked shocked too.

Qin Nan asked after collecting his thoughts, "You know Empress Feiyue too?"

Wushu said, "Is there anyone who doesn't know her? She's the strongest immortal in the past five thousand years, she's an incomparable genius! She already came to the Battlefield of Aeon once when she was only a peak Nine Heavens Supreme. She was involved in an incident, in which she killed two Masters of Dao in the early stage and three others who were as strong as Masters of Dao in the early stage. It took everyone by surprise!"

"She also came to the Battlefield of Aeon not long ago after she achieved the Master Realm. She killed four mysterious existences that were as strong as peak Masters of Dao. Many mysterious existences were afraid of her and did not dare to cross paths with her."

The intimidated look in his eyes was soon replaced with doubts, "But why did she trigger the Battle of the Masters? It has only been a year since she achieved the Master Realm! It's almost impossible for her to become a Ruler of Dao in such a short time..."

Qin Nan fell silent for a moment. He then said with a smile, "Seniors, it's a pity if we only stay in the fifteenth forbidden area to watch the battle. Why don't we go to the outer circle of the seventh forbidden area?"

Meanwhile, the center of the seventh forbidden area...

The Supreme Haotian Badge was floating in the distance. It was lighting up the place like a sun.

The symbol on Empress Feiyue's forehead was emitting an aura similar to the Supreme Haotian Badge's presence. the whole place fell silent.

"Is she out of her mind?"

A few Masters of Dao who were unaware of the details shared the thought.

Among the Masters of Dao, Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli let out a sigh when they saw the glamorous woman.

In some ways, they had ties with the legendary woman too.

They did not feel pleasant knowing that she had made such a foolish decision.

"Oh Feiyue, you're the only person I'm impressed of in the Primary Upper Realm. Not even the Heaven Highness is comparable to you!"

A loud voice echoed between the Heavens and Earth. The Extreme Dao Master floated in the sky with a stern look and a sharp gaze, "Your talents are incomparable. My Extreme Living Gate might share some conflicts with you, but I have no intention to watch your fall here. If you agree to the terms I've mentioned, we will give you a chance to live!"

"He's right!"

"Feiyue, please consider it!"

Several figures appeared from the rift after Extreme Dao Master finished his sentence. Seventeen of them had shown up in less than a breaths' time.

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Each of their auras was in the peak Master Realm, immeasurable and intimidating.

"That's the fifty-second Patriarch of the Ten Desires Sect, Master Huaxin!"

"The forty-seventh Patriarch of the Superfluous Lifeless Sect, Muzhu, the sixty-second patriarch of the Zheng Clan, Zheng Hou, and the sixty-fifth Patriarch of the Li Clan, Li Taiyi!"

The Masters of Dao were dumbfounded when they saw the group that showed up.

Each of the seventeen figures was one of the strongest Masters of Dao with a formidable status and identity.

"These factions have indeed colluded with one another!"

Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli's heart skipped a beat. They already sensed something was not right.

"Them showing up is most likely just the beginning. If Empress Feiyue does not agree with their terms..."

Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli took a deep breath.

Empress Feiyue's cold blue eyes shuddered slightly. They were no longer emotionless. They were showing a slight hint of emotion. 

It was disdain!

The Extreme Dao Master, Master Huaxin, Muzhu, and the others had sent someone to talk with her when they noticed she was activating the Supreme Haotian Badge forcibly.

Their scheme was to let her hand over the Art of Ten Lifetimes. In return, they would not attack her.

The Battle of the Masters had taken place, yet these people still demanded her to hand over the Art of Ten Lifetimes and withdraw from the Battle of the Masters. She was not allowed to attempt to break through to the Ruler Realm within five thousand years.

How naive were they?

She had invented the Art of Three Lifetimes when she was in the Canglan Continent. It took her many years and great effort to refine it into the Art of Ten Lifetimes. How could she possibly give it up so easily?

"Fight me if you want. Stop uttering nonsense," Empress Feiyue's eyes reclaimed their usual cold look. A blue sword appeared in her hand.

"How stubborn of you!" Extreme Dao Master scoffed, "If that's the case, I have no choice but to turn the Strongest Immortal into a dead corpse!"

He and the sixteen peak Masters of Dao unleashed great power. They executed a series of deadly moves at Empress Feiyue.

Empress Feiyue made her move.

A cold light sliced through everything as if the Master Arts and other attacks were weak and fragile before her.

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