Chapter 2145 - Battle of the Empress, Part One
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2145 - Battle of the Empress, Part One

"Is this the Supreme Haotian Badge?"

"Who could it be? Who's so bold to activate it?"

"HAHAHA, I didn't expect I will see the legendary Supreme Haotian Badge in action. Interesting, I should go take a look!"

"Very well, I've reached the peak Master Realm too. I thought I would have to wait a few dozen years until someone activates the badge. How lucky am I!"

The reputable authorities in the Primary Upper Realm were startled.

Some were surprised. Some furrowed. Others were displeased, but regardless of what was on their mind, almost everyone was on the move except for a few people.

Normal cultivators in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm were completely unaware of it.

However, the Void Heaven Realm was totally restless.

The factions and the Nine Heavens Supremes who had no idea what was going on were dumbfounded. They could imagine a rare storm forming in the Battlefield of Aeon.

Meanwhile, the City of Darkness in the Battlefield of Aeon...

The hearts of the Masters of Dao and the mysterious existences skipped a beat when they heard the chimes even though they already heard rumors about it.

Qin Nan opened his eyes and went to the hall on the ground floor.

"Fellow seniors, I would like to witness the Battle of the Masters. Please escort me there safely," Qin Nan transmitted his thought.

He also used the Wuzhu Talisman which he bid for in the auction.

"What? You want to go to the Battle of the Masters?"

Yi Shi, Cheng Mu, and the others were startled too. Qin Nan's words took everyone by surprise.

"Not bad, the Battle of Masters has only been triggered less than ten times in the past. We must go take a look. We might learn something from it," Qin Nan explained.

"You're pretty bold," Cheng Mu smiled, but he did not suspect anything.

Many Nine Heavens Supremes and even experts in the Ruler Realm would show up when the Battle of Masters took place in the past.

It was normal for Qin Nan to be interested in it.

"However, Qin Nan, we won't be able to look after you when the time comes, since we will have to take part in it," Cheng Mu said.

The mysterious existence shrugged as they were not restricted by the rules.

"I understand," Qin Nan nodded.

"Qin Nan, are you sure you want to go? If you leave the City of Darkness, your identity will be exposed. The Masters of Dao will know who you are when you are there. What if..." Yi Shi frowned. He tried to change Qin Nan's mind.

He was treating Qin Nan as his wealthy landlord. He would not want Qin Nan to risk his life. 

"Don't worry, I won't be in any danger. I will only stay far away at a hidden spot," Qin Nan said.

"Let's move out if you've already made up your mind. The Supreme Wutian Badge has assigned the seventh forbidden area as the venue. It will take us some time to reach there," Wuzhu who just arrived said.

Qin Nan and the others left the City of Darkness under Moxie and Demon Emperor Wutian's gaze.

Meanwhile, the seventh forbidden area in the Northern Battlefield...

An ancient badge around nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine zhang long and three thousand three hundred and thirty-three zhang wide unleashed a terrifying aura deep in the sky. It spread across the whole area.

Even the presence of a Ruler Realm expert was weak compared to it.

On top of it, the runes and the mysterious drawings on it were emitting a bright golden glow. The light shone upon the whole seventh forbidden area like a sun.

Loud thuds could still be heard from it which echoed continuously across the sky.

The badge suddenly let out a deafening buzz.

An astonishing sight took place a few moments later.

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The seventh forbidden area began to shake vigorously. The flowers and trees grew rapidly as their colors changed. The mountains either cracked apart or floated into the rift, leaving ripples like waves everywhere.

In addition to it, the mysterious existences in the seventh forbidden area turned into lights and vanished into the rift.

The overwhelming will that was left here since ancient times, the remains of cultivators in the Master Realm, Ruler Realm, or even the Heaven Highness Realm, and all kinds of traps and formations had disappeared.

Pure immortal lights rose from the ground and floated in the air, each with a formidable power.

The chaotic rules of the seventh forbidden area were forcibly modified by the Supreme Haotian Badge. The place had turned into a dueling ground where the Masters of Dao would compete with one another!

Shocking noises soon occurred.

The Masters of Dao who happened to be close to the Northern Battlefield had arrived. They were dumbfounded when they saw the scenery before them.

The mysterious existences in the Northern Battlefield and the Center Battlefield had also woken up from deep slumbers. They were watching the Masters of Dao across a great distance.

Those who were almost as powerful as Heaven Highnesses were looking deep into the seventh forbidden area.

They could see a woman.

The glamorous woman had fair skin. She was wearing a white immortal dress which set out her alluring figure thoroughly.

Her black hair danced elegantly to the wind.

She had a calm expression, as if she was unaware of what was going to take place.

She placed her hands together as she performed a series of hand seals. The power of the Art of Ten Lifetimes spread toward the surroundings. It stood out even between the chaotic Heavens and Earth.

People knew her as Empress Feiyue. She was from Qingling Village of the Canglan Continent in the Secondary Lower Realm.

She had never lost, whether during her youth or after she came to the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm.

She had taken the steps needed to ascend to Heaven. She would defeat anyone who tried to stop her.

She might have stirred a great chaos this time, but she had no intention to lose either.

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