Chapter 99 – Fei Ling Mountain
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 99 – Fei Ling Mountain

When Dabao finally finished resting, Lu Ping realized that as the main mountain of Fei Ling Sect, Fei Ling Mountain was filled with countless layers of seals that wrapped the entire mountain tightly inside. Therefore, Lu Ping had no choice but to put Dabao back in the spirit pet pouch to rest.

At the same time, in the North Ocean, more than 30 Core Forging Enlightened Masters from various sects were sitting casually on their own isles. Suddenly, Xuan Ling Sect’s Feng Xu-Dao opened his eyes and pinched his fingers together to calculate the timing, saying, “People, the time has come. Fei Ling Mountain’s array formation is at its weakest now, join me to obstruct the underwater spirit vein’s operation and weaken the array.”

The Enlightened Masters got up and stood in a formation above the waters. Then, they cast out a large number of spirit stones and spirit materials into the bottom of the sea. Arcane energy tumbled heavily beneath the waters, revealing a magnificent scene on the water surface.

The colors of different kinds of arcane energies shot up to the sky as the waves surged higher and higher. From afar, it looked like there was a heavenly palace being lifted up by the waves.

At the same time, on Ling Yao Mountain, the cultivators were looking at Fei Ling Mountain as its array formation’s spiritual energy gradually weakened. It was at that moment, the entire Fei Ling Island quaked as if rammed by a titan.

Wei Zi-Heng quickly turned and said, “The Enlightened Masters outside of the island have temporarily cut off the operation of Fei Ling Island’s array formation. We have to quickly make an opening on the array formation to enter the mountain.”

The Zhen Ling Group’s 44 cultivators stood in a simple formation. Then, Su Zi-Peng determined a weak point on the mountain’s protective array formation and they started attacking it.

The other groups of cultivators also started making an opening in the protective array formation. After all, whoever entered the mountain first would reap the greatest benefits.

Lu Ping was cu

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