Chapter 98 – Cultivation Breakthrough
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 98 – Cultivation Breakthrough

Ai Shutao came forward and thanked Lu Ping for his help, but Lu Ping didn’t think he had done anything much and said he was just doing a small favor. He then said goodbye to Ai Shutao.

Ai Shutao said regretfully, “Fellow Daoist Lu, why don’t you stay and continue to mine the Heavenly Gold Sand? The island’s situation is chaotic, you’re risking death by going out there.”

Lu Ping smiled. “In another six days, all the cultivators will be marching towards Fei Ling Mountain. I have to meet up and regroup with my martial siblings.”

Ai Shutao was enlightened. “Oh yes, you’re from Zhen Ling Sect, so of course you’ll have to participate in the battle of Fei Ling Mountain. I’m on my own, so it’s better if I hide and mine here. Then I can get a good harvest.”

Lu Ping said goodbye to Ai Shutao and headed for Gua Yun Mountain, where the Pavilion of Books was located.

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Lu Ping had already been to three of the five mountains on Fei Ling Island, and in the last few days, he also saw many vistas other than the mountains. The only exceptions were the Pavilion of Books on Gua Yun Mountain, and Ling Yao Mountain where the battle was now underway.

But more importantly—Lu Ping’s cultivation had reached a bottleneck. He was already at the peak of Second Layer Blood Condensation Realm and a breakthrough would be imminent within a few days.

This was also partly why Lu Ping didn’t follow Wei Zi-Heng and the rest to Ling Yao Mountain. Initially, he planned to break through in the Heavenly Gold Sand spirit mine but he didn’t expect to find Ai Shutao there already. And Ai Shutao wasn’t planning to leave until the end of the expedition. Hence, Lu Ping was forced to look somewhere else for his cultivation breakthrough.

He searched around Gua Yun Mountain, but Lu Ping harvested very little and only found a few mid-grade spirit materials. In the end, Lu Ping found a spirit mine thirty miles away from Gua Yun Mountain. It was a small spirit mine that produced Crimson Granite, used to forge mid-grade fire-element mystic instruments.

Lu Ping released Dabao to stand on guard and blocked the entrance of the cave with the monster turtle. He took out the spirit-gathering putuan and found a spot rich in energy within the cave. Casting the [Spirit Offering Art], he detonated the spiritual energy in that location, which would temporarily increase the concentration of energy in the air before it dissipated entirely.

Lu Ping sat on the spirit-gathering putuan, consumed the best Blood Condensation medicinal pellet he had, and held a mid-grade spirit stone in each of his hands. He placed the Spirit Gathering Pearl close to his chest and began to quietly circulate his arcane energy as per the [Sea Coast Wave Listening Scripture] to start his breakthrough.

The scripture was a pure-water cultivation method, which was classified as a slow and steady type. Lu Ping was quite concerned about the consolidation of his foundation and the accumulation of his arcane energy. 

He didn’t expect to see anoth

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