Chapter 97 – Unexpected Surprise
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 97 – Unexpected Surprise

After the rest left, Lu Ping walked towards the forest at the back of the mountain. He spread his divine sense out and carefully inspected the surroundings. After he made sure he was safe and alone, Lu Ping clapped his hands.

The rotten leaves and branches on the ground suddenly tumbled, and a big fat mouse looked around with its small eyes, its head adorned with leaves. When it saw Lu Ping, it leaped up from the ground and shook its body clean of dirt before climbing up to Lu Ping’s shoulders.

Back when the cultivators were attacking the protective array formation, Lu Ping had the whimsical thought to let Dabao try to enter the cave-dwelling from the underground. Hence, he moved to the side and placed Dabao on the ground when no one was paying attention to him.

Dabao’s cultivation base had improved a lot, as did its hole-digging ability. In the blink of an eye, Dabao already disappeared into the ground.

Lu Ping was only trying his luck when he did that, but he never thought Dabao would really find an opening in the protective array formation underground. Perhaps, the opening was a flaw in the array, which unearthed the cave-dwelling.

So just like that, Dabao had entered the cave-dwelling before the protective array formation was broken.

Lu Ping followed Dabao to the place it hid the items it looted. Firstly, Dabao dug out three bottles of medicinal pellets. Lu Ping picked up the bottles and found that they were cultivation medicinal pellets for the Late Blood Condensation Realm—the Hundred Spirit Pellets. This was one of the best type of medicinal pellets for its realm, similar to Blood Vigor Pellets for the Blood Refining Realm.

Dabao was also excited when it saw Lu Ping was happy. Then, it dug out another two jade bottles from the ground. Lu Ping’s eyes lit up when he noticed they were made from Crystal Jade Stones. One must know, Crystal Jade Stones were a type of mid-grade spirit materials, so did this mean…

Lu Ping opened the jade bottle and saw ten medicinal pellets shining with a bright golden light. However, no fragrance was emitting from the bottle. These were the medicinal pellets of the only Core Forging recipe recorded in [Sheng Tao’s Book of Alchemy], the Golden Marrow Pellets!

Lu Ping opened the second jade bottle, and found that it contained ten gray medicinal pellets without the slightest shine on their surface and lacked the look of a Core Forging medicinal pellet. However, Lu Ping knew that these were better than Golden Marrow Pellets. It was just that Lu Ping’s knowledge was shallow and he couldn’t identify them.

By the looks of it, Dabao had brought him the most valuable items in the cave-dwelling other than the cauldron. When Lu Ping was about to praise Dabao, he saw it digging into the ground again. Lu Ping was overjoyed and thought, Is there still more treasure?

Burrowing out of the ground, Dabao appeared with a round pearl on the tip of its nose.

Lu Ping took the pearl in his hand and played with it. He saw that there seemed to be warm smoke rolling

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