Chapter 100 – Core Forging Realm Cave-Dwelling
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 100 – Core Forging Realm Cave-Dwelling

After Lu Ping left the cave-dwelling, several cultivators appeared closely behind him and entered the domain. Looking inside, it was apparent the cave had been searched once, and they glanced at one another.

After a while, one of the cultivators said hesitantly, “If I’m not mistaken, this is a Core Forging cultivator’s cave-dwelling, yes?”

His companions were silent for a while before one of them confirmed, “I think so.”

Then, the other cultivator said, “This isn’t far from Fei Ling Mountain’s stream, so… could he be the one from Zhen Ling Sect?”

The first cultivator nodded. “It should be him, but there might be others from Zhen Ling Sect. If it’s him alone, that would be too outrageous.”

The cultivators settled on a reasonable explanation, and then continued to search the cave-dwelling in hopes of finding something good. Sure enough, they chanced upon some spirit herbs and spirit materials.

After all, Lu Ping’s search was too hasty, and he wasn’t willing to let the other cultivators know that he’d broken into a Core Forging cultivator’s cave-dwelling on his own. Hence, he only took the items that caught his eyes. Lu Ping couldn’t care less about the spirit herbs, spirit materials, spirit stones, and mystic instruments scattered inside.

Before reaching the mountain top, he found two more spirit herb gardens. Both gardens were first-rate, in terms of area and the quality of spirit herbs planted. Lu Ping harvested a total of five-hundred 500-year spirit herbs and forty 1000-year spirit herbs from these two gardens.

Lu Ping was now getting close to the mountain top which already had cultivators gathering to fight each other. The sounds of weapons clashing, noises from the spells, and curses from cultivators could be heard from afar.

Clearly, there was a significant discovery on the mountain top which caused these people to compete with each other. Lu Ping naturally wouldn’t miss out on this.

When he reached the peak, the first thing he noticed wasn’t the ongoing battle, but the magnificent aura suffusing the air.

The mountain top was a ravaged and torn battlefield, the thousand-square-feet piece of land was dusty and filled with big and deep craters. This was the main battlefield where the Avatar Realm Great Ancestors fought 4,000 years ago.

During that battle, the Great Ancestors’ attacks blew away a third of Fei Ling Mountain’s height to its current state and appearance. This was also the biggest reason why the mountain’s colossal spirit vein was beaten down to become a large spirit vein.

The mountain top had already become a battlefield for cultivators. The flying dust obstructed their vision and they could only see ten feet away. Any further, and they would have to use their divine sense to determine their surroundings.

Lu Ping spread his divine sense out and everything within a radius of 60 feet was rendered in his mind. Additionally, a few hundred miles away, there was a faint rainbow light obscured by the flying dust.

Fei Ling Mountain’s stream originated from the mountain top. Lu P

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