Chapter 81 – Blood Condensation Treasure Vault
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 81 – Blood Condensation Treasure Vault

Lu Ping’s breakthrough to the Second Layer Blood Condensation Realm went smoothly and without resistance, transpiring naturally like snowflakes melting under the sun. His foundation bloodline neither devoured nor consumed the other bloodlines, and the second Condensed Blood Bead simply formed in his heart-space.

Lu Ping was merely in the Second Layer Blood Condensation Realm, yet his Condensed Blood Beads were already larger in size compared to ordinary cultivators. In fact, they were even larger than Qiao Xipeng, a Third Layer cultivator, and almost equal in size as the Fourth Layer Emerald Sea Spirit Snake.

Feeling the abundant arcane energy flowing in his blood, Lu Ping was happy that the range of his divine sense had extended to forty feet. He decided to practice his sword arts outside of the cultivation room.

Wielding his Flying Swallow Sword, he started off with the [Disarrayed Rocks Puncturing Sword Art], then switched to the Yan Ling Swords and practiced the [Stormy Waves Crashing Shore Sword Art]. As his mastery in the sword arts increased, so too did his own comprehension rise.

The [Disarrayed Rocks Puncturing Sword Art] was an aggressive and domineering sword art that released a burst of power in a short time. Hence, it was a sword art meant to fiercely crush one’s opponents and bring a swift end to the battle.

On the other hand, the [Stormy Waves Crashing Shore Sword Art] was a passive sword art that allowed the weak to defeat the strong. Its attack power was not as ferocious, but it enabled the cultivator to fight for long stretches of time, like the ocean’s waves surging ashore each day and night. It was a sword art that required great patience and an indomitable battle spirit.

During the sword fight with the pale-faced Xuan Ling disciple, Lu Ping had unknowingly entered a miraculous realm of the state of Force. In order to reenter this miraculous realm, he decided to practice the [Stormy Waves Crashing Shore Sword Art].

The state of Force had three realms. The first realm was “Force Generation”, which generated a force of momentum in one’s cultivation arts.

The second realm was “Force Borrowing”. In this realm, the cultivators could not only generate their own momentum, they could take advantage of their opponents’ cultivation arts and borrow their momentum as well.

As for the third realm, which was known as “Great Force”. Every move made by a cultivator carried an incredible force, as if containing the most unbreakable elements within. In this realm, it was not uncommon to see cultivators subduing their opponents merely by unleashing their auras alone.

Lu Ping’s rewards were delivered to him by Master Immortal Liu. The addition of 5,000 spirit stones made him a step closer to having 20,000 spirit stones. The three bottles of Blood Condensation pellets turned out to be Vermilion Spirit Pellets and were better than Thousand Ginseng Pellets. And the talisman treasure was inscribed with a Core Forging spell known as the [Blazing Fan].

The Blood Condensation Treasure Vault was on Tian Ling Mountain. Lu Ping had to return to Zhen Ling Island first to receive his final reward.

It was Lu Ping’s second time on Tian Ling Mountain and this time, he came alone.

Lu Ping greedily breathed in the thick spiritual energy in the air. He was already making plans to move the two mini spirit veins he found to Huang Li Island as soon as possible. Otherwise, his cultivation progress would inevitably be slower than his other martial siblings on Tian Ling Mountain.

The Blood Condensation Treasure Vault was located on the mountainside, just a short distance away from Tian Ling Palace. From its position, the sect clearly placed great importance on the treasure vaults.

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Lu Ping took out the pass given by the sect and handed it to the vault guard. The vault guard was a Late Blood Condensation disciple who had obviously received notice from the sect. He looked at Lu Ping with great interest before bringing him to the entrance of the treasure vault.

The treasure vault was protected by a complicated lock made of array formations. Lu Ping reached out his divine sense to inspect the lock and got lost inside the complicated formations. He quickly retracted his divine sense and shook his dizzy head—it took him some time to get rid of the formations’ influence.

Suddenly, Lu Ping noticed several Late Blood Condensation disciples appear out of nowhere. Each of them had a key-shaped mystic instrument, which they used to open the treasure vault together.

Only Lu Ping alone was allowed to enter the treasure vault. When he walked through the door, an overbearing divine sense suddenly scrutinized him from tip to toe. Lu Ping, who had experienced this before, felt shocked as he instantly realized the protector of the treasure vault was actually a Core Forging Enlightened Master.

The Blood Condensation Treasure Vault was a cave found on Tian Ling Mountain. Many night luminous pearls were fixed on the walls, making the cave as bright as day.

Lu Ping walked into the treasure vault and was amazed by the wealth of supplies inside!

On the shelves of the mineral section, instead of ores there were a few hundred interspatial pouches. Each interspatial pouch was labeled with the type of ore they contained. Lu Ping randomly opened the interspatial pouch labeled “Mystic Iron” and he found more than hundreds of Mystic Iron Ores inside. Almost any type of iron needed in the Blood Condensation Realm could be found here.

It was the same for the other sections, divided into separate categories such as medicinal pellets, mystic instruments, charms, array formation chassis, spirit pets, secret techniques, spirit materials, and more.

Other than these section, the supplies had further detailed classifications. Taking the medicinal pellet sector as an example:

The medicinal pellets were first classified according to their uses, whether they were for cultivation, wound-recovery, energy regeneration, special effects, or more.

The cultivation pellets were then divided into ordinary cultivation pellets and breakthrough cultivation pellets;

These cultivation pellets were also divided according to levels of either Early, Mid, or Late Blood Condensation Realm.

These specific medicinal pellets could be found on the right side of the right shelf.

Surveying the Blood Condensation Treasure Vault in itself was a unique experience. At the same time, Lu Ping had a clearer idea of the foundation of Zhen Ling Sect’s prowess.

If the sect had a Blood Condensation Treasure Vault, wouldn’t it also have a Core Forging Treasure Vault, and an Avatar Vault? If they did exist, just what kind of items would be found inside?

And if their sect had these treasure vaults, what about Xuan Ling Sect? As the strongest, richest, and longest established sect in the North Ocean, what would their treasure vaults be like?

At that moment, Lu Ping’s heart was filled with yearning for these treasure vaults.

Walking around, he didn’t know where to start his selection. After finally calming down, Lu Ping realized two hours had already passed and the vault guard had only given him six hours to choose his rewards.

He initially wondered why he was given such a long time, but now he only wished to extend his hours!

Lu Ping thought about what he needed.

First, he went to the mineral section to look for Deep Sea Frosty Iron. In the two instances they met, Chen Lian had mentioned this material numerous times. Lu Ping couldn’t wait to see how strong Landslide would become after being forged into a top-grade mystic instrument.

On the mineral shelf, on the third row where gold and water element ores were stored, Lu Ping found the interspatial pouch labeled Deep Sea Frosty Iron. He opened it and chose the biggest piece available, placing it in the interspatial pouch given to him by the vault guard.

The next item Lu Ping wanted was a secret technique to train his divine sense, which would aid him in practicing alchemy. He also wished to strengthen his advantage of an inherently strong divine sense.

In fact, there was a divine sense secret technique in [Sheng Tao's Book of Alchemy]. Sheng Tao believed that a powerful divine sense was beneficial in alchemy, therefore, it was only natural for him to collect secret techniques that trained this particular aspect.

However, after reading the secret technique, Lu Ping was disappointed. The secret technique’s cultivation speed was too slow and it was only effective in the Blood Condensation Realm. Lu Ping estimated that it could only increase his divine sense by ten yards at most by the time he reached the Ninth Layer Blood Condensation Realm.

Since Lu Ping didn’t know the exact classifications for the divine sense secret techniques, he had to flip through the interspatial pouches one by one. After an hour of searching through a few hundred pouches, Lu Ping finally found the divine sense secret technique he wanted.

Lu Ping couldn’t help thinking about the knowledgeable Hu Lili. If she was here, she could provide advice and definitely save him a lot of time.

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