Chapter 80 – Rewards
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 80 – Rewards

On the way back to Xuan Qi Island, Lu Ping briefly told Enlightened Master Jiang about his escape from the Xuan Ling cultivators.

Lu Ping was once again amazed by the power of a Core Forging Enlightened Master. It took him an hour to get to the islet, and he had to use a few charms, as well as two secret techniques, in the process. Enlightened Master Jiang only needed the span of one conversation to bring them back to Xuan Qi Island.

After reaching their destination, Master Immortal Liu had Lu Ping recover his injuries in a secluded cultivation room, where he stayed for the next two months without taking a step outside.

Yao Yong and Group 7’s disciples came over once to visit him. The only exception was the seventh senior martial brother who was unfortunately killed in battle.

During the visit, they talked about the good old days they spent together in the side hall. When the topic shifted to the tragedy of the seventh senior martial brother, even Li Cheng who had been at odds with Lu Ping fell silent.

Fortunately, Shi Lingling was there. She noticed the somber atmosphere and quickly brought up the sect’s rewards to Lu Ping and those who contributed to the rescue of Xuan Qi Island. They speculated about what kind of rewards would be given and the atmosphere became cheerful again.

Hu Lili and Zhong Jian, as well as Zhong Jian’s companion, Ma Yu, also visited Lu Ping at a later time.

Ma Yu’s cultivation base was in the Second Layer Blood Condensation Realm, placing her as one of the prominent senior disciples. During the visit, Lu Ping joked to Zhong Jian that he had to work harder, otherwise, it would be embarrassing if Senior Martial Sister Ma Yu was always the stronger one.

Ever since that time they made fun of Zhong Jian, he responded to their teasing in a carefree manner. He even laughed happily along with the rest and didn’t refute them, all while Ma Yu blushed shyly on the side.

Then, Hu Lili told Lu Ping about the follow up from the raid. After Xuan Ling Sect’s retreat, Zhen Ling Sect attacked back and the war was brought to the border. Every day, there would be cultivators from Zhen Ling Sect and Xuan Ling Sect battling it out. The number of reported deaths wasn’t considered news anymore.

However, the war was generally under control. The Core Forging Enlightened Masters didn’t join the battle on the border. Of course, that may be because the sects had bigger plans, but that wasn’t something Lu Ping and the rest would have to worry about.

Lu Ping asked about the casualties. Sure enough, Hu Lili had paid attention to the situation and she quickly answered, “More than fifty of our Blood Condensation disciples have fallen, but Xuan Ling Sect’s casualties are higher, around seventy or so. But their sect basically plundered all the resources from the islands nearby Xuan Qi Island, so we’ve also lost a lot of spirit stones.”

Lu Ping then asked Hu Lili to report to the sect seniors his sighting of the monster race in the seas nearby Xuan Qi Island.

In fact, Lu Ping

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