Chapter 82 – Blood Condensation Treasure Vault (2)
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 82 – Blood Condensation Treasure Vault (2)

Inside the interspatial pouch, there were a few dozen jade scrolls. Each jade scroll contained a divine sense secret technique. Most of them were about as powerful as the one in [Sheng Tao's Book of Alchemy] with only a few superior ones which Lu Ping wasn’t too satisfied with. In the end, he could only choose the best three among them.

The first one was [Divine Furtherance Technique]. It was a detailed and first-rate secret technique with minimal side effects. Cultivators only had to practice the technique as instructed and it would strengthen their divine sense by a third.

The second one was called [Divine Expansion Technique]. This required the aid of special medicinal pellets known as Divine Expansion Pellets. In the Blood Condensation Realm, this secret technique could strengthen the cultivators’ divine sense by at least a third or up to one-half of their present power.

The third one had the frightening name of [Divine Separation Technique]. It was an adaptation of a mysterious secret technique that recovered one’s divine sense.

The original secret technique was used to heal the cultivators’ damaged divine sense in a short time. Then at some point in history, a genius cultivator improvised and created a cultivation technique based on the original.

In this secret technique, the cultivators would separate and store away a small portion of their divine sense and then recover their damaged divine sense. They would have to repeat the process until the separated divine sense was at least half of the cultivator’s original divine sense. Then, by fusing both halves, the cultivator’s divine sense would be strengthened by at least one-half and up to three-quarters.

However, there were two difficulties to overcome in this cultivation secret technique. The first was the immense pain that came with each separation of the divine sense. The second was finding a mid-grade, Mystic-class, ‘heaven and earth’ spirit item—the Soul Nurturing Wood—to store the separated divine sense.

Because the fusion wouldn’t happen until the end of the Blood Condensation Realm, the secret technique’s effect wouldn’t be seen until then. This meant that cultivators would spend the entire Blood Condensation Realm preparing for the final moment.

Truth be told, Lu Ping wished he could use all three of these secret techniques. Unfortunately, the other two techniques had requirements to practice them. Especially the Soul Nurturing Wood, which was also attractive to Core Forging Enlightened Masters, let alone Blood Condensation cultivators.

Therefore, Lu Ping’s best choice was to select the first secret technique and only come back to the other two when he could meet the requirements. After making up his mind, Lu Ping didn’t hesitate and chose the [Divine Furtherance Technique].

With this choice, Lu Ping had already selected two rewards, leaving him with one last item to take.

In fact, there were many items in the vault that were considered precious, even to Late Blood Condensation disciples. However, most

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