Chapter 76 – Breaking the Sealing Array Formation
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 76 – Breaking the Sealing Array Formation

The discussion now over, the group were preparing themselves to execute the plan when Yao Yong suddenly asked, “We keep thinking about destroying the sealing array, but not how to break it. If our spells and mystic instruments have no effect on the array, won’t our efforts be wasted?”

Everyone was stunned; they hadn’t considered this possibility and were at a loss.

Lu Ping thought for a while, then he passed an item to Yao Yong.

Yao Yong exclaimed in shock, “A talisman treasure!”

His shout attracted everyone’s attention and they looked at Lu Ping in surprise, who simply explained, “I passed by an island and found it there. I suspect it was left behind by the Qiao Clan’s Second Young Master, Qiao Xiying, when he was chased by the sea snake monster.”

The group couldn’t help admiring his good luck.

In fact, the entire incident started with Hu Lili’s expedition to find Sheng Tao’s cave-dwelling. Back then, she didn’t know Lu Ping had been hiding in the dark the entire time. But after hearing Lu Ping’s explanation, Hu Lili suddenly looked at him with a scrutinizing expression. Lu Ping immediately knew she suspected something.

But because it wasn’t an appropriate time, they both dedided not to bring up the incident. And Lu Ping didn’t mean any harm at the time. On the contrary, he was even prepared to save them.

The only issue was that Lu Ping should’ve warned Hu Lili and her friends about the Xuan Ling disciples beforehand instead of hiding in the dark. Fortunately, the Emerald Sea Spirit Snake interfered with the battle and Hu Lili and her friends were able to escape safely.

Thus, Lu Ping didn’t have too much guilt in his heart and only felt a little bad. And Hu Lili didn’t have any evidence of Lu Ping’s presence during that time.

In the end, she could only accept Lu Ping’s explanation; that he was on Huang Li Island and noticed a disturbance coming from a certain direction, so he decided to check it out and discovered the nameless island and the talisman treasure on it.

Most importantly, no one knew or would believe that the Emerald Sea Spirit Snake had been killed by Lu Ping that day. Even Qiao Xipeng didn’t know that.

Zhen Ling Sect had established their base at the northern end of Xuan Qi Island. Therefore, Xuan Ling’s sealing array formation would also be found there.

Hu Lili, Du Feng, Yao Yong, and Zhong Jian used the Invisibility Charms given to them by Lu Ping. They sneaked to an islet not far from Xuan Qi Island and waited patiently for the arranged time to arrive.

During their discussion, they set a time in order to synchronize their actions. According to the plan, Lu Ping would activate the message sword and send it out to Xuan Qi Island within an hour from the set time. 

The message sword would inform the cultivators on the island about their strategy in detail, as well as divert Xuan Ling Sect’s attention onto Lu Ping.

Then, the Xuan Qi Island’s disciples would rush out of the island and fake an attack on the sealing array formation. This would occupy Xuan Ling Sect’s

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