Chapter 75 – Planning
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 75 – Planning

For the next two days, the group of four carefully hid their tracks and roamed around the sixteen mini islands. Since Lu Ping had a detailed map of the seas around Xuan Qi Island, it didn’t take them a lot of effort to rescue five island disciples. Naturally, their rescues were followed by the deaths of fifteen Xuan Ling Blood Refining disciples.

The next evening, they finally bumped into one of the Blood Condensation island disciples. When they discovered him, he was already on the verge of death and being chased by two Xuan Ling Blood Condensation disciples. But with pure perseverance, he continued to flee up until they rescued him.

Both pursuers were easily killed by Lu Ping, Yao Yong, and Du Feng who had recovered from his injuries. The addition of a Blood Condensation island disciple expanded the group to ten people.

They spent the entirety of the third day looking for island disciples, but without success. Instead, they bumped into two more Xuan Ling Blood Condensation disciples who were patrolling nearby.

The group of ten swarmed over and captured the two unfortunate victims.

Hu Lili brought the two to an islet, interrogating them separately for information on the Xuan Qi Island siege. Both were given a warning should they provide misleading information; being smashed into a meat patty by Yao Yong.

To show that they meant it, Yao Yong specially demonstrated the power of his brick mystic instrument on a Xuan Ling Blood Refining disciple who’d been captured the day before. The two Xuan Ling disciples looked at the flattened lump of flesh in front of them and puked on the spot.

As a result, they were quick to spill out everything they knew. All they asked was for their lives to be spared. After the interrogations, Hu Lili confirmed they were telling the truth. Hence, she only asked Du Feng to obliterate their cultivation bases and left them on their own on the islet.

From the interrogations, Hu Lili and the group learned that Xuan Ling Sect had dispatched two Blood Condensation disciples for each Blood Condensation island disciple. For each Blood Refining island disciple, they sent three disciples with the equivalent realm as well. A total of ten Blood Condensation disciples and thirty-three Blood Refining disciples were assigned to this mission. However, only two Blood Condensation disciples and half of the Blood Refining disciples had returned.

This immediately alerted the Xuan Ling Sect’s higher-ups. They believed that a Zhen Ling expert must be on the loose. Moreover, this expert was at least in the Mid Blood Condensation Realm, otherwise how could eight Mid Blood Condensation cultivators be killed in such a short time?

Naturally, they didn’t consider the expert to be in the Core Forging Realm. The reason was simple: he would have headed straight for Xuan Qi Island or broken through Xuan Ling Sect’s blockade by now. After all, it would take at least three cultivators of the same realm to stop a Core Forging Enlightened Master from leaving.

Thus, Xuan Ling Sect quickly d

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