Chapter 74 – Guerrilla Warfare
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 74 – Guerrilla Warfare

Death in one blow!

Lu Ping killed a First Layer Blood Condensation cultivator in just one blow!

Not only did this terrify the remaining Xuan Ling disciples, the Zhen Ling disciples were also shocked.

As terror swallowed their minds, the Xuan Ling disciples quickly turned and fled. Lu Ping cast out his Yan Ling Swords, which turned into giant tidal waves that intercepted one of them.

Yao Yong mustered the last strand of energy left in him and cast out his mystic instrument, rushing forward to hold back the other Xuan Ling disciple. Hu Lili released a mid-grade flying sword to assist Yao Yong.

The disciple’s battle spirit was greatly diminished; he was too perturbed to properly control his arcane energy. On top of that, his spells and sword skills were no match for Lu Ping. It was no surprise that Lu Ping won the battle and severed him into pieces in just a few moments.

The last Xuan Ling disciple anxiously tried to flee, so frantic that he didn’t hesitate to expose his back to Yao Yong as he desperately flew south.

But while his attention was fully on Lu Ping and Yao Yong, he had forgotten about Hu Lili. Despite being a Ninth Layer Blood Refining disciple, she was famous among the outer hall disciples.

Her arcane energy wasn’t weak, though not as strong as Blood Condensation cultivators, and she had no problem casting a mid-grade flying sword. It jabbed at the disciple’s face from a blind spot and stalled his movements for a split second.

But a split second was all Yao Yong needed. His brick mystic instrument slammed down from above and flattened the Xuan Ling disciple into a pile of mashed meat.

On a small islet in the middle of nowhere, Lu Ping, Yao Yong, Du Feng, and Hu Lili were resting as they discussed their next move.

Lu Ping plundered two more interspatial pouches from the Xuan Ling disciples he killed. He initially wanted to share the battle rewards with the rest but they insisted that he keep it all. Lu Ping knew that they were proud people, so he didn’t continue to insist. He sat on a boulder and checke

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