Chapter 73 – Returning the Favor (2)
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 73 – Returning the Favor (2)

Lu Ping opened the sack and was surprised to find Hu Lili, who he’d met three times before.

The first time they met was at the trade fair for side-hall disciples, where he exchanged some charms for her Blood Solidifying Pellets.

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The second time was on the nameless island. Lu Ping stayed hidden and watched Hu Lili and her friends search for Sheng Tao’s cave-dwelling. At the time, Hu Lili’s profound knowledge and understanding of array formations left a deep impression in Lu Ping’s mind.

The third time was at the auction on Di Kun Island. Lu Ping had a room to himself while Hu Lili was among the crowd on the floor. Although Hu Lili suspected that Lu Ping was also at the auction, she never found him. It didn’t cross her mind that Lu Ping would have his own room.

The Xuan Ling disciple might be in the Second Layer Blood Condensation Realm, but he was already wounded which greatly reduced his movements. So long as Lu Ping went all out to prevent his escape, he would definitely put down Hu Lili first to reduce the burden of carrying her.

By then, Hu Lili could get out of the sack and help Lu Ping defeat him, or they could both escape together. At least, that was what she’d initially planned.

However, she never expected Lu Ping to be this strong. In less than fifteen minutes, he’d toyed the Xuan Ling disciple into exhaustion.

Lu Ping’s attacks held a mysterious aura that she couldn’t understand. Perhaps, this was the state of Force?

Hu Lili was curious. As far as she knew, not many had attained the state of Force, including those in the Late Blood Condensation Realm.

Watching Lu Ping as he cleaned up the battlefield and collected the Xuan Ling Sect disciple’s interspatial pouch, Hu Lili said, “Junior Martial… Master Immortal Lu, thank you for saving Hu Lili’s life.”

Lu Ping was in a good mood after seeing 2,900 spirit stones and a bottle of Thousand Ginseng Pellets in the Xuan Ling disciple’s interspatial pouch. Grinning, he replied, “Senior Martial Sister Hu, please just address me as usual. I’m not comfortable hearing you call me Master Immortal.”

Hu Lili chuckled and didn’t insist. She then relayed what happened.

After failing to find Sheng Tao’s cave-dwelling, Hu Lili stayed on Xuan Qi Island. Since she was preparing to break through to the Blood Condensation Realm, she requested Xuan Qi Island’s Enlightened Master Qu for a sect mission.

Coincidentally, one of the island disciples had an emergency and had to return to Zhen Ling Side Hall. Hence, Hu Lili was tasked with replacing the island disciple.

Afterward, when Xuan Ling Sect launched their attack, Hu Lili swiftly retreated from the island. She also deduced the predicament Xuan Qi Island was facing, so she decided to fly towards Huang Cheng Island where Yao Yong was stationed.

This was only because Yao Yong was a Blood Condensation cultivator and so, she would naturally want to group up with him for safety.

But before she could reach Huang Cheng Island, Hu Lili bumped into Y

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