Chapter 72 – Returning the Favor
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 72 – Returning the Favor

There were nearly 4,000 spirit stones in the interspatial pouches of the Xuan Ling disciples, as well as a few low-grade and mid-grade mystic instruments.

Lu Ping didn’t care for any of them except for the pair of Yan Ling Swords the Xuan Ling disciple used. There was a dual-sword art among the [Wave Listening Eight Ultimates] that he could cast with these swords.

Lu Ping was also surprised to find a bottle of Thousand Ginseng Pellets. He wasn’t lacking in Blood Condensation pellets though—he still had the four bottles of medicinal pellets he found in Sheng Tao’s cave-dwelling.

Among the four bottles, two were high-grade pellets for the Early Blood Condensation Realm, and the other two were ordinary pellets for the Mid Blood Condensation Realm. They were all valuable to Lu Ping so he happily stored them away.

It wasn’t safe to stay at Huang Li Island anymore. It wouldn’t take long for Xuan Ling Sect to notice the deaths of the two Blood Condensation disciples. This would definitely alert Xuan Ling Sect and more disciples would be dispatched to the island. Lu Ping had to leave now.

Moreover, Lu Ping now knew that Xuan Qi Island was Xuan Ling Sect’s main target, which meant it was most likely under siege now. Going back to Xuan Qi Island would be no different than jumping straight into the enemy’s clutches.

Xuan Hua Island, the island closest to Xuan Qi Island, was also not an option. Since Xuan Ling Sect planned to besiege Xuan Qi Island, it would definitely obstruct Xuan Hua Island from sending reinforcements. The island was almost certainly under attack right now.

Lu Ping considered his options and realized that he suddenly had nowhere to go. He was like an abandoned child who couldn’t return home!

While Xuan Ling Sect attacked Xuan Qi Island, it dispatched its disciples to raid the sixteen neighbouring islands under Zhen Ling Sect’s control. It appeared that Xuan Ling Sect was well-informed on the Zhen Ling island disciples and their capabilities. They sent out disciples who were just a little stronger than the i

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