Chapter 71 – War
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 Lu Ping was overjoyed when he saw four Blood Purification Pellets in the cauldron. As long as he could increase and maintain his success rate to 50%, then he could try for the Late Blood Refining Realm medicinal pellets.

The excited Lu Ping gave himself a day’s rest and continued practicing alchemy the next day.

The time taken to concoct a cauldron of Mid Blood Refining Realm pellets was roughly two days. This was already a conservative estimate considering he had help from the Azure Spirit Fire and the mid-grade cauldron mystic instrument. After all, they were the inheritance from the famous Alchemist Sheng Tao.

In the following period, Lu Ping basically spent all of his time between practicing alchemy for a day and resting on the next. After two months, Lu Ping concocted twenty cauldrons of medicinal pellets and maintained his success rate at 40%. Increasing the success rate wasn’t an easy feat and not something that could be hurried.

However, these twenty cauldrons used up Lu Ping’s entire stock of spirit herbs for the Blood Purification Pellets. But Lu Ping couldn’t just leave Huang Li Island and resupply from the markets.

Left with no choice, he had to try his luck on a Late Blood Refining Realm pellet—the Blood Essence Pellets.

His first cauldron almost drove him to madness when he saw it contained a lone, successful pellet. Lu Ping spent more than 1,000 spirit stones to gather twenty sets of spirit herbs for Blood Purification Pellets and fifteen sets for Blood Essence Pellets.

Yet, on his first attempt for Blood Essence Pellets, he only concocted one. Lu Ping was really beaten into frustration at seeing the result.

Fortunately, the following fourteen cauldrons had a success rate of 30%. Only then did he barely calm down.

Alchemists had set the conventional standard that a cauldron of spirit herbs could only concoct ten pellets. There were only a few alchemists who could produce more than ten to a cauldron.

Naturally, Lu Ping wasn’t satisfied to see such a low success rate. However, he knew that alchemy was a profession requiring a lot of practice. He would have to spend a great deal of effort, time, and resources, not to mention that his element wasn’t suitable for alchemy in the first place.

One day, Lu Ping was in the spirit pet’s room in his cave-dwelling, checking on the Emerald Sea Spirit Snake’s three eggs. The eggs were fully revitalized ever since he brought them back to Huang Li Island and put them under his care.

He had been nourishing the eggs with his arcane energy. As a result, their life force gradually grew stronger and the day of incubation would not be far off.

Suddenly, Lu Ping’s face stiffened up and he looked towards the cave-dwelling’s entrance. The array formation he set outside of his cave-dwelling was triggered. Someone had sneaked onto the island!

At this time, in this situation, who else other than the Xuan Ling Sect’s disciples would trespass? It seemed like the sect war was about to start!

Sure enough, the ones creeping into Huang Li Island

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